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Who is it for and why is it so great?

Web development

Web development can be challenging. Clients demand in scalability, UX, performance and security

through often thin RFP´s which usually makes the creation of content a lower priority.

With Hoodin you can host or implement Super feeder and/or Omni Observer for your client, to monitor and retrieve content from websites, social media and forums to use as content on your website, in your app, newsletter or to share information internally etc.

Business advisors

Advisors who work with clients to make operational improvements in a business regarding insights and knowledge. 

You help clients grow their businesses by identifying market requirements and advice, implement methods and tools to deal with market demands in the most efficient way.

Software companies

In a highly competitive industry where the only thing we know is that it's  constantly changing  which means that recent solutions will quickly be out of date.

Hoodin has created a solution that works as an add-on where SaaS-companies are being able to give their customers an competitive advantage by delivering automated coverages of relevant content to their software (CRM, QMS, CMS)

Content creators

The markets demand of content is complex. It has to engage, vary and be consistent. A common denominator and challenge is time.

Instead of allocate more time and risk, grow your customer base and your business organically with Super Feeder. Super feeder helps you to monitor and retrieve relevant content from the web, making it easy to create content for your own channels in just a few minutes.

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