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Super Feeder + Events

Create new values ​​with an event calendar

Collect all the events based on what you want to show

By marketing interesting events in one single view is an effective magnet for dragging visitors to the web site, or getting users to use an app more often.

But to manually collect the information to create and maintain event information makes it costly and complicated.

With Super Feeder + Events, you avoid most of the manual work. By adding sources (such as a Facebook page), events can be downloaded, and then automatically, or after preview, published on a unique calendar for you.

You can also collect events from the sources you wish to monitor and then present them in your digital media.

Auto Magic!

Super Feeder + Events makes gathering

of events more efficient


Examples of users who let Super Feeder + Events do the job!


Samtliga med tusentals evenemang, som hämtats in och publiceras automatiskt.

Gather events and create a brand new service

There are many cities and municipalities that choose Super Feeder + Event as a service for their event calendar.

Instead of collecting information manually or asking organizers to send information via forms, Super Feeder + Event events will automatically download from, for example, Facebook. In this way, it is enough that organizers create their events in one place, on Facebook.

Become a partner to Hoodin

​Being part of the partner network at Hoodin is simple, educational and profitable. Our ambition regarding cooperation with partners is very easy, we want us to grow together and deliver great values to your costumers. 

The core of the partner program is;

  • Hoodin will distribute leads to partners

  • Hoodin provides training and coaching on how to costumize a solution according to the customer's needs

  • Tips on how to create new and more effective offers to your customers

  • Tech  support

Book a online meeting with a partner manager right away!