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Catch Me If You Can: The Hide 'n Seek of Biocompatibility

The registration for the upcoming RAQA Deep Dives webinar is now open. Join us for an exciting session featuring Marina Daineko, Biocompatibility Consultant at Intrinsic Medical Group.


The regulations and standards requirements have changed, placing even more focus on medical device surveillance and vigilance. Special attention is now on biocompatibility, specifically addressing biological hazards. Join us to know how to catch them and use to improve the medical devices and well-being of patients worldwide. Register below to secure your place.

Title: "Catch Me If You Can: The Hide 'n Seek of Biocompatibility"


🎙️  Speaker: Marina Daineko
🗓️  When: Aug 15, 2pm CET / 8am EST
📍  Where: Registration above 
⏱️  Duration: 30-45 minutes

Registration is now open for the RAQA Deep Dives! 


In this exciting RAQA Deep Dives session we will discuss how we monitor medical devices after they have been introduced to the market and how we engage with users, hospitals, and even competitors to gather information about medical device usage and ensure their safety. We'll also explore how we can leverage new incoming information to enhance safety measures and identify areas for improvement. Just because a device passed a test doesn't mean it's 100% safe. Sometimes, a device can cause issues like skin irritation or allergies.

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🎙️  Speaker: Marina Daineko

Biocompatibility Consultant at Intrinsic Medical Group. 


Marina Daineko is a seasoned Biocompatibility Consultant at Intrinsic Medical Group, where she channels her passion for exploring new frontiers in medical device safety. With a robust background in chemistry, Marina brings a meticulous approach to assessing Biological Safety, ensuring adherence to stringent regulatory standards.

Her expertise spans the critical tasks of reviewing and interpreting raw data, developing comprehensive biological evaluations, and implementing a risk-based methodology to optimize safety outcomes. Marina's dedication to advancing MedTech is driven by her belief in the pivotal role of practical experience in shaping industry best practices.

With a commitment to excellence, Marina aims to empower stakeholders by providing tailored guidance on evaluating biocompatibility, crafting effective responses to regulatory inquiries, and seamlessly integrating Biological Evaluation Processes into Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Marina Daineko invites professionals in the medical device industry to collaborate on enhancing safety standards and advancing patient care through strategic, informed practices. Connect with Marina here:

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Intrinsic Medical Group, LLC

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