Partner up to deliver great (deal of) content!

Boost content value with Hoodin

Great things may be achieved with automated monitoring and fetching of digital content. Using Hoodin, your clients will be able to;


  • Save time from manually searching and fetching content for marketing purposes

  • Get updated with relevant content 24/7

  • Plug in Hoodin to other CMS´s (QMS, CRM etc) to post fetched content as drafts

What's in it for a partner?

With Hoodin solutions as part of your deliverables you may help clients become more efficient in their creation of content. When using Hoodin, clients may realize that it is possible to save as much as up to 80% of the total time when creating content.

As our partner, you would advice and implement Hoodin as a cost and time saver, as well as an engine to create better content. Partners use Hoodin to win new customers, and to extend deliveries to existing clients. A partner may as well use Hoodin to improve own internal capabilities regarding content creation. 

It's more than a partnership, it's a business catalyst. Yes! Hoodin receives requests from end-using clients and our task is to hand them over to partners. Hence, within our partner model, we take on the task to provide you with leads if needed. 

What and how you may deliver
Hosted delivery

When your client lack resources to manage a Hoodin project, you could host the project for them and agree to provide content marketing, articles and more on a regular basis. 

Coached delivery

The most common delivery of Hoodin is the scenario where our partner introduce Hoodin to the client and then charge for the initial start-up workshop (approximately 2-3 hours) and then charge for individual training and quarterly reviews of project set up. This type of delivery is better for scaling and volume sales.

Tailored delivery

In cases where the client is a rather large corporation, with a need for a large number of project (more than a single partner may host or coach). Hoodin propose a train the trainer delivery model, in order to reach out to the entire organization. Hoodin staff would be able to support such a program delivery. 

Revenue models per delivery type

Revenue derives entirely from billed consulting hours, set by the partner.

Due to the partner being the licensee, there are no license revenues for this delivery model. But a rebate.

Revenue derives mainly from billed consulting hours, set by the partner.

The partner receives an incentive on all license revenues.

Revenues that derives from consulting hours would be rather small vs. total license incentive.  

The partner receives an incentive on all license revenues.

Solutions and industries for content creators
Super Feeder

Enhance you clients content marketing or deliver internal knowledge and insight hubs with Super Feeder.

Available industry solutions

*Hoodin is continuously launching new industry solutions, with possibility to monitor industry unique sources. Partners is one of the most important channel for us to listen in on what industry we should prioritize next. Via the Hoodin Partner Portal, any partner may suggest new industry solutions, share ideas for new features and more.