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Boost your content marketing and writings with automated monitoring.

Use Hoodin to get a constant inflow of re-usable content you will speed up creation of highly efficient content.


Imagine that you no longer have to research content for inspiration and references. Imagine what it would feel like if you would be able to produce up to 10 times more content, every day. 

Monitor and retrieve content from relevant sources to speed up creation of content marketing and writing.

Scientific Literature 

Case studies

Mentions of own products

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Content marketing for Medtech

The majority of all companies within medtech uses content marketing at a small extent or not at all according to surveys performed in late 2020.

We know why. Many companies has not fully understood how important content marketing is to grow business and a majority believe it is too costly and time consuming. 

However, if content marketing is carried out with a systematic approach and smart tools, the reward is way higher than the cost. 

If you need to learn more about the value of content marketing, a five minutes read of the linked article below is a good start. 


16 reasons why Content Marketing is Important to Your Business by Asset Digital

Hoodin experts are ready to help you reach a perfect project for
Content Marketing & Writing

“Solving common pains or a challenges regarding content and information is what Hoodin is build around. We know very well how companies struggle with the creation of efficient content marketing, since we too have been there. It is an honor to help great companies with exiting products to grow, by use if Hoodin for Content marketing and  writing” 

Marcus Emne, CEO

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With Hoodin you will be able to monitor and retrieve content from  over 100 million articles, publications, videos and forums.
Every minute, every day.


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