Monitor and retrieve digital content on relevant topics to keep you updated and to reuse in your teaching, seminars, exams and much more.

Being a teacher in today's society is demanding in many ways. Time is simply not enough. Many teachers claims that the hardest part is to keep yourself updated within their subject area. New findings, new ways of learning, news about how to use theories in practical examples etcetera are published every day and keeping track would take several hours a week. But with Hoodin's adapted solution in education, all these problems are solved in a time and cost-effective manner.

  • Monitor and retrieve digital content about specific subject areas, such as geography, mathematics, language, pedagogy etc

  • Share knowledge and results with colleagues to save time within the organization's regarding research and monitoring

  • Use the fetched content in your teaching

Hoodin and digital content monitoring are used for two purposes

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With Super Feeder you can monitor and retrieve material about important events within the school system that you must or wish to share externally. Share on social media, website and blogs etc.

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Omni Observer helps keep you updated on new findings, rhetoric, new literature and much more. Everything to make teaching and internal communication as good and smooth as possible.

Super Feeder

Do you have the need to collect information on specific topics or keep you updated on new learning methods and rhetoric? Super Feeder helps you simplify that process in a more efficient way.  Add coverages to the sources that are of interest to your teaching area and use the material for lectures, seminars, exams and much more. With Super Feeder you get the latest updates within your teaching area without having to spend large amounts of time finding the right information among all sources revolving teaching.

Monitor specific industry sources to reuse as course literature

Monitor and retrieve content about events that happen within the school system in your area

Monitor and retrieve content about information and places that would be of interest within the school system in your area

Monitor content from forums and social media

Publish content on your own digital media channels, such as intranets, social media, blogs, websites etc.

Feed content into internal and external newsletters.

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Monitor content from hundreds of topic-specific sources. A few examples are

So och IKT-kanalen


History Education Research Journal

EdTech Magazine - Focus on higher education

Social Media (fetch pictures and videos from Instagram, videos from Youtube, articles from Facebook and tweets etcetera)

Newsmedia (monitor the medias you usually follow)

And much more.


If you can't find the source you want to monitor, you can usually add it via Hoodin.

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