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Ever faced a situation when a patient or relatives to a patient argue about treatments and have an "information advantage"?


Millions of hours are spent per year, where personnel has to discuss, research and deal with patients that claim to know better, or have information about their device that is hard to validate for personnel within health care. Now you may close that information gap with Hoodin

An industry in constant change

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- Save time when creating and distributing internal reports on external monitoring.

- Share knowledge och results within the organization to save time regarding research and monitoring.

- Monitor content from relevant sources that are of interest to your company.

- Get expert help from partners within your industry.

Research and monitoring in a more efficient way.

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Gather information related to your industry and use it to create valuable content to share externally, with patients and / or their relatvies. 

Monitor and gather information related to your industry to create reports and share knowledge within your organization. 

Monitor and retrieve digital content

Automation starts here

Hoodin for Health Care

Close the information gap between health care personnel and patients for good. Save time, gain knowledge when needed, build confidence between personnel and patients. 

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Automation is key

With Hoodin for Health Care, you get a complete platform where you may monitor the most relevant sources for Health Care. An automated solution that makes it easy, smart and efficient. 


Hoodin saves up to 90% compared to manual searches. 

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Key features
and unique values

All the monitoring project templates for Health Care are verified by and designed together with experienced industry experts. With this experience designed into the platform you will be able to:

Monitor the most important and relevant source related to your need.

Monitor both own and competitor products.

Export results and insights for use in reports.

Share results and insights with invited peers (free feature).

Keep track of all changes made in your Hoodin project with the included change-log feature.

Solutions that are validated by industry experts.


Let's get insighted.

Save up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches by automating the process of content monitoring.  

Tailored templates with the most relevant sources curated and designed by industry experts.

Get served with the results and content you really need. 

Easy to get started. Easy to use. You are only minutes away from saving hundreds of hours. 

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