Health Care

Close the information gap between health care personell and patients for good. Save time, gain knowledge when needed, build confidence between personel and patients. 

Ever faced the situation when a patient or relatives to a patient argue about treatments and has an "information advantage"?


Millions of hours are spent per year, where personel has to discuss, research and deal with patients that claim to know better, or has information about their deciece that is hard to validate for personell within health care. Now you may close that infomation gap with Hoodin

  • Create coverages on topics related to your field of expertice 

  • Recive a feed of relevant content to kee up to date regarding news and science about your field of expertice.

  •  Share knowledge och information  with patients and their relatives.

  • Create reports for internal distribution and for decision making. 

  • Share knwledge and information within your team.

  • Get expert help from Hoodin partners to excel and build value by use of Hoodin.

Hoodin and digital content monitoring are used for two purposes

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Gather information related to your industry and use it to create valuable content to share externaly, with patients and / or their relatvies. 

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Monitor and gather information related to your industry to create reports and share knowledge within your organization. 

Monitor content from unique industry sources. A few examples are;


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With Hoodin as part of your offer, you will be able to improve both your own and your customers' efforts by monitor digital content, in a more efficient way. Contact us today, there are leads waiting for you.


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