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  • Tailored projects to suit your product or product type needs

  • Post-market surveillance, regulatory intelligence, adverse events monitoring, similar products, and competition monitoring

  • Updated sources bank for major databases and crucial sources, with immediate notifications for relevant matches

  • Advanced data visualisation with informative graphs for intuitive analysis and actionable decisions

  • Customisable and editable automated data feed to suit your specific needs

  • Quick and easy setup with AI-powered assistance

  • 14 days free trial, no credit card required

  • Expert support and free consultancy

  • Improved visual design and guidance for better usability and seamless navigation

  • AI translator and summary, and automated report generation. 

  • Lots of other useful tools to enhance your surveillance and vigilance efforts

Hoodin 360° Surveillance & Vigilance

Get ready for a simpler way to monitor and surveil relevant global data for your unique product. Stay ahead of the constant flow of new content to make informed analysis and decisions. Experience first hand the future in managing surveillance & vigilance.

Optimise your compliance procedures today!  

Experience the Power of AI: Fast Set-Up, Precise Sourcing, and Improved Comprehension 

Utilise the latest AI technology for fast set-up, precise sourcing, and improved comprehension. With AI Translation and Summarisation, effortlessly read non-English articles, summarise, and organise data for efficient insight and overview.

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Stay Ahead of the Flow: Make Informed Decisions with Precision and Insight

The new dashboard offers complete control for monitoring global data and gaining deeper insights through informative graphs. Enhance your data analysis with a well-organised system for easily accessing and overviewing thousands of relevant data sources for your unique product. 

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Customisable and editable automated data: Tailored solutions for your needs

Experience the consistent and dependable Automated Data Processing specifically tailored to meet your product's unique requirements. Now editable and customisable for added flexibility. 


Exciting New Features

Enhance Collaboration with Seamless Teamwork Tools.  Easily access and manage standardised features to streamline teamwork. Benefit from expert support, consultations, report generator for documentation, sharing tools and much more...

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Available Sources

Be an early adopter and experience firsthand the future of managing surveillance and vigilance.

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