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How it works

Hoodin is a easy tool for automated content monitoring. That means that Hoodin allows you to create monitoring feeds on sources with matching words relevant for you and your needs. 

View a full platform walkthrough here

 Hoodin makes the hard work easy 


1. Tailored industry solutions.

It's all about your need. Hoodin's life science and software industry solutions are developed together with industry experts to meet industry requirements and needs in regards to intelligence. This means that all sources are validated and relevant for your unique needs. 

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Post market surveillance, Regulatory Intelligence
Quality & Standards insights,
and more.


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Regulatory Intelligence  
Content marketing & writing


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Portfolio Intelligence
Marketing & writing
Industry Intelligence



2. Pick a module as use case template.

Each use case template is created by Hoodin industry experts and external appointed industry experts. A use case template should be seen as a tailored solution for an industry-wide need.

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Post market surveillance

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Medtech & Pharma

Regulatory Affairs

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3. Create monitoring feeds.

Each use case consists of a number of recommended monitoring feeds. Monitoring feeds are the building blocks that create a thorough monitoring project. You may create as many as you need to, in order to fulfill you monitoring needs.

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Monitoring to find new insights and recommendations on expertise regarding current and upcoming regulations.

Regulatory updates

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Identify innovations, newly initiated researches, patents etc. Both regarding own products, components and technology.

Technology trends
& insights

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Monitor databases and sites with scientific papers, reports and journals to follow the ongoing development.

Literature search

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You will be able to pick any of the sources available and build your own set of curated sources

Create custom
Monitoring Feed

sources (2).png

4. Select sources and add matching words.

Pick sources to monitor from a bank full of sources relevant to your industry. To complete your monitoring setup, you will add matching words to tell the robots what to search for. Simple as that!

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+ 1000
available sources


4. Actionable insights

You can now take part in incoming insights and relevant results so that you can take action and continue to develop your team and organization. With Hoodin, you can share the insights by inviting your colleagues, create reports for internal distribution or share insights by adding your feeds to third party platforms such as Slack or MS Teams. 


Let's get insighted.

Save up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches by automating the process of content monitoring.  

Tailored templates with the most relevant sources curated and designed by industry experts.

Get served with the results and content you really need. 

Easy to get started. Easy to use. You are only minutes away from saving hundreds of hours. 

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