Hoodin is an online software that simplifies and automates your needs to monitor and fetch external content and solves the pains you may face from unstructured handling of insights and intelligence.

With Hoodin and the need tailored use case templates you may enhance your Post Market Surveillance process, keep track of regulatory changes or boost your marketing with a constant inflow of valuable content.

Hoodin is designed to create efficiency.

It takes just a few hours to get our world class surveillance system in place.

Create your monitoring project on precise industry needs for highest relevance.

Choose sources and add matching words - then let Hoodin do the rest of the job. 

Share insights with your team and create reports to use the result. 

Hoodin for Medtech comes with two solutions that meets your specific needs.

Highlights - Post Market Surveillance 

Get surveillance on external content, up to 90% more time efficient compared to manual work.

Identify and discover unsolicited reports by monitoring market feedback in social media and forums. 

Use the results in your PMS-report and share your insights with colleagues for swift and secure handling.

Regulatory & Compliance Insights

Monitoring and fetch upcoming and potential changes within regulatory, compliance and legal on your markets.

Get insights from the markets you are active on.

Monitor expert sources to gain insights on most recent and best practice regarding medical device regulations.  

Become a partner to Hoodin

Are you a CRO within the Medtech industry, or a consultancy looking to grow your business?

Then we would love to get in touch with you to get to know you more.

Book a meeting with one of our partner managers to learn more.  

Hoodin screens over 100 million articles and publications from some 200 sources, every minute, every day.


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