Hoodin will help you to monitor digital content to keep track of competitors, create reports, risk assessments, risk management, manufacturing information, manuals and much more.

An industry in constant change, with high demands and a large amounts of digital information. For the MDR 2020, Hoodin has developed an industry-adapted version of Omni Observer designed with functions to facilitate the work of each company in the industry. To be able to reach and comply with the requirements related to Post Market Surveillance, and in the easiest and most efficient way.

  • Monitoring digital content in a more efficient way

  • Save time when creating and distributing internal reports on external monitoring

  • Share knowledge och results within the organization to save time regarding reporting and monitoring

  • Monitor content from relevant sources that are unique to your company and products

  • Get expert help from our medtech partners 

Hoodin and digital content monitoring are used for two purposes

With Omni Observer you can monitor and retrieve important information related to products with the target to create internal reports.

Gather information related to your industry and use it to create valuable content for social media, blogs, websites etcetera with Super Feeder

Do you want to know how Hoodin can help regarding Post Market Surveillance?

Omni Observer

Solve Post Market Surveillance within MDR 2020 with automated monitoring regarding your products and their area of use. Hoodin has been assisted by industry experts to adapt Omni Observer to meet every unique need. Watch the movie where our industry expert from Pervitas explains the challenge of Post Market Surveillance and how it should be handled.


Monitor content from industry-specific databases

Monitor content from forums and social media

Monitor competitors and sources you need to keep track of

Manage and comment on fetched content in the platform and share within the company to make company decisions easier

Create reports for post market surveillance

Super Feeder

Do you need to improve your digital marketing, competitor monitoring or create an internal knowledge hub? Then Super Feeder is your solution. Set up industry-specific coverages to retrieve material for websites, intranet, social media, newsletters, blogs, decision material, strategies, and more. The gathering of material is based entirely on your needs and keywords which makes the monitoring more effective. One of Hoodin's partners will costumize a solution based on your needs. This will save you time and make your monitoring more relevant.


Monitor content from industry-specific sources

Monitor content from forums, social media, competitors and other sources you need to keep track of

Publish content to your own digital channels, such as intranet, social media, blogs, websites etcetera

Feed content into internal och external newsletters.

Good news!
We've got partners that will provide you with their expertise.
With their knowledge about your industry and our products they will guide you towards the best results based on your needs.

Monitor content from unique industry sources. A few examples are;


Become a partner to Hoodin

Are you a company that is active in strategic or operational consultancy, quality and compliance or market & business intelligence? Then you should look more closely at becoming a partner with Hoodin.


With Hoodin as part of your offer, you will be able to improve both your own and your customers' efforts by monitor digital content, in a more efficient way. Contact us today, there are leads waiting for you.


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