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Seize the opportunity to experience Hoodin 360 Surveillance & Vigilance for free! When you request a trial, you will receive a completely personalised Hoodin project tailored to your unique requirements. You won’t have to invest much time in recognizing its value and learning how to utilize the system.

You will get access to a 14- day free trial of Hoodin + free consultancy from an expert!

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”In times where the amount of data and information grows to levels where it is no longer possible for a human being to monitor, sort and manage the information we see that Hoodin is the answer to many companies' pains and challenges. 


We are happy to partner up with Hoodin and we have high expectations to grow together with Hoodin for a long time. With Hoodins platform, and their professional approach we will make it easier, for ourselves and for our customers, to stay on top of things on such as e.g. post market surveillance and worldwide regulatory updates.”

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Jonas Hinkkanen, Head of Medical Device Business Solutions

Brands that trust Hoodin:

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