Say hello to a platform that simplifies and automates important parts of your pharmacovigilance activities.

Monitor a vast number of databases for automated literature search. Retrieve signals and fetch unsolicited reports from forums, industry media, global media and social media. 

A smarter way to meet your Pharmacovigilance research and monitoring needs

Automate literature searches

Conduct effective automated monitoring of the most relevant literature databases to fetch articles related to your product, technology and ingredients.

Media and forums

Monitor reports on suspected adverse reactions from the lay press and media (both general and Pharma nisched media) and forums where patients and professionals discuss Pharma products.  

Own digital channels

Monitor company owned or managed web sites, web pages, blogs, vlogs and social media channels for information on suspected adverse reactions.

Monitor content from relevant sources that are unique to your specific PV needs

Literature search

Unsolicited Reports

Technology & trends (optional add on)

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Emmie Olsson, Strategic partnership manager

Hoodin experts are ready to help you achieve your Pharmacovigilance requirements

“We love to create real value for our customers and partners through a platform that we know saves time, costs and delivers insights. We like to think that Hoodin becomes their assistant and in that way we give them time to grow their expertise and the possibility to focus on improving their organisation."

Hoodin screens over 100 million articles and publications from some 200 sources, every minute, every day.


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