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Deal with Pharmacovigilance smarter and
more efficiently 

With the use case template for Pharmacovigilance, you will be able to monitor curated sources with the aim to automate the surveillance of your own products, competitors’ products, and literature within externally published content. 

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Building blocks for Pharmcovigilance

Hoodin makes it easy for you. The expert-designed template for Pharmacovigilance comes with a number of building blocks called monitoring feeds. You may choose to use only a few of them or all. Every feed comes with recommended sources to monitor. 


Some of the available sources for literature search

Literature report searches

Databases with scientific reports and journals to follow the ongoing development around your product, treatment areas, and vital technology.


Some of the available sources for unsolicited reports

Unsolicited Report

Monitor company-owned and non-company-owned social and digital
media, niche industry media, trade journals, blogs and in some cases
also major media to detect mentions of your product.

Some of the available sources


Some of the available sources for incident reports

Incident reports

Monitor incident reports on your own products.


Some of the available sources for incident reports

Clinical trials

Monitor clinical trials databases for notifications of clinical studies involving your products.


Information from Internet or digital media

Monitor non-company owned internet forums, chat rooms, health portals etc. for information on suspected adverse reactions.

Some of the available sources for SOTA Technology & Trends

- Non-company owned channels


Create custom Monitoring Feed

When selecting this option, you will be able to pick any of the sources available and build your own set of curated sources you wish to monitor. 

Automation for efficiency

Through Hoodin, you may monitor specific sources and digital services for externally published content. You may also monitor a vast number of databases for literature as well as retrieve signals and fetch content when clinical trial data and adverse events regarding adjacent and or competitive devices and treatments are published.   

Save time from manual,
repeated searches.

Easy collaboration with colleagues.

Don’t ever miss important insights.

Create your own knowledge hub with relevant content.

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Some of our customers & partners

By using Hoodin, our customers and partners are saving up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches. Learn more from our client cases and interviews below. 

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Let's get insighted.

Save up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches by automating the process of content monitoring.  

Tailored templates with the most relevant sources curated and designed by industry experts.

Get served with the results and content you really need. 

Easy to get started. Easy to use. You are only minutes away from saving hundreds of hours. 

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