A platform to simplify and automate monitoring of external content.

Hoodin makes it easy to monitor content related to your market, products and technology. Hoodin fetch the content, so that you may use the results to share insights and create business results.

With Hoodin, you solve a real need. 

Base your monitoring project on your challenges and needs.

Hoodin comes with tailored templates for industry unique use cases. Just by selecting a monitoring template, half of the project set up is done!

Choose sources to monitor from curated groups, with highest relevance for your industry and need.

Add matching words for your unique monitoring need

Add your unique matching words to get the most relevant results for your unique needs.

Divide your coverages into different groups for an easy-to-use and smart monitoring project.

 From here, automated monitoring get started with 24/7 monitoring and fetching of the content you need. 

Share important insights and market feedback

Create reports and export fetched content for internal distribution.

Use the Hoodin knowledge hub, that allow peers to join as project members and  take part of the fetched content.

Monitoring feeds for an easy overview. Save as a favorite, read and start a discussion with your project members by using the comment function. 

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Features designed to create efficiency and results

Content monitoring 24/7

The Hoodin's robots perform monitoring 24/7. This means that as soon as the robots find content that include your matching words, content will be matched and fetched.

Custom matching words

Create your own monitoring feeds that meet your unique needs. Then add matching words to let the Hoodin robots look for your most relevant content. 

Structured and clear results

The matched and fetched content is presented in a structured and clear way, so that you can easily keep track of the results.

Collaborate and share insights 

Make insights actionable by inviting team members. That way you make sure that your colleagues take part of the insights. 

Share the rights content to the right people

You can easily share the content that Hoodin's robots have fetched with people outside your project. Create reports, use the Hoodin Knowledge Hub or share insights  to Slack, MS Teams, etc.

Create reports 

With the help of the report feature, you get a clear overview of all your saved articles, together with information about  authors, link to original source, publication date and comments.

Hoodin pricing model


24/7 updates

Knowledge hub

Customized feeds


Report function

€129 / month

200 covered sources

1 project owner

Unlimited project members

14 days free trial

Add some extra

Extra Sources 

+ €0,75/month

Extra project owner 

+ €49/month

Extra editor 

+ €49/month


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