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New feature - Collaboration on insight and knowledge

Great just got even better

In the latest release of the Hoodin platform we introduce a new way to collaborate on insights and knowledge. With a new account type for project members you can invite peers to take part of the findings from an insight and knowledge hub. Besides being a great feature, it is completely free to invite members. In this blog post we list the features and benefits of the new update.

Create a higher value Sharing the results from a monitoring project so that the right people receive the right information timely is crucial to bring sustainable business value from ongoing research and monitoring. Forget about all digest mails that no one reads, forget about time consuming report creation and embrace collaboration and centralized content monitoring. How it works As editor or owner of a project you may invite unlimited numbers of project members. A project member will then get access to a project view that contain all activated* content. They can filter by feed categories and they can starr articles for own future reading. Most important is that each member may comment on articles to enhance the business value from the insights and monitoring results.

*Activated content are all the articles, videos etc that a project owner or editor has selected from all the articles that has been fetched. An example All companies has certain areas that needs to be covered in terms of ”being on top of it”. It might be competition, a competence area, news regarding a certain technology, a market, laws and regulations. Once these are defined a Hoodin project may monitor the unique content areas for you and the result is shared amongst invited peers in a login secured environment. Business value on insights created!


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