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Interview: Hoodin partners up with CLIN-r +

Recently ClinR + joined Hoodin's partner network to collaborate around automated solutions for MDR and PMS. ClinR + works with clinical evaluation support and workflow automation expertise to help manufacturers and economic players in complying with EU MDR and EU IVDR regulations. A very exciting partnership where software and automation meet industry expertise in a perfect combination.

Hi Jacqueline! You have recently entered into a partnership with Hoodin, what are your first impressions of the platform and what are your expectations of the collaboration?

The platform is intuitive, and the initial profiles make it easy to set up without losing the personalisation needed for individual product workflow.

On first impressions, I felt a sense of relief that Hoodin had refined the platform to tailor to the needs of my industry MedTech. At the time, this seemed like a mammoth challenge which buy-in and resource allocation has been difficult to secure internally. When you explore Hoodin you're surprised how their automation delivers beyond your expectations as you find real-time surveillance is quick to set up and the reporting quick to do.

Hoodin has delivered on what seemed like the impossible data automation solution for MedTech, so my expectation for future collaboration and the innovation output is very high.

Tell us about yourself; what are your experiences and knowledge in Medical devices?

My background is as a healthcare professional and researcher. I've been involved in research, guidelines, SOP's and incidence meetings for more than 15years. Hence our clinical team feels strongly about the importance of vigilance insights for innovation and the ongoing improvement of patient outcomes.

My first commercial role in medical devices was in a multi-national blue-chip biotech company. We had auto-injectors and smart-injectors to support compliance of taking weekly injections. I have seen first-hand how device innovations can have a big positive or negative impact on patients quality of life.

I bring experience in innovation, research and patient care to Medical Device Clinical Affairs management. Which, in short, is to translate device research and post-market findings to support ongoing innovation to contribute to positive patient outcomes. CLIN-r+ supports manufacturers to place the patient in the center of decision-making for innovation and proactive use of adverse event data. We hope to show how the MDR/IVDR will have a positive impact and how vigilance is a high asset data source to drive innovation.

The industry is facing a lot of challenges and requirements. One of them is to work with post-marketing and to always keep track of your market. At the same time, an infinite amount of content is published daily on the internet. What do you see as challenges regarding this?

Unfortunately, the current structure within MedTech companies are not equipped to deal with these new demands, nor does the industry have enough skilled workforce to manually drive the needed continuous PMS workflow.

But we need to step back and realise that data overload is not unique to MedTech. We have as a global society, have entered a Data Economy. Famously in Nov 2019, Forbes published - Data Is The New Oil -- And That's A Good Thing . I would highly recommend reading this. Many industries have faced and overcome this problem with tremendous rewards. The MDR/IVDR has just highlighted a road map for manufacturers to meet the expectations of the patient and medical industry, who are more vocal and connected than ever before.

The MedTech industry needs to see this for what it is, a great opportunity. Data acquisition and processing is a mature field that will take the guessing work out of what works and what needs attention. It would help if you found innovative ways to funnel the necessary info, and data automation is the answer.

What do you see are the benefits of Hoodin's automated platform for monitoring content and relevant sources?

Hoodin is a data automation solution designed for the MedTech MDR/IVDR problem.

The fact is that you set it up and it does its thing to centralise findings and enables you to share the content internally. It helps streamline communication as one can share results or data internally that the right leads are on the same page as insights come in. You're just never caught off guard with new insights, whether it's from vigilance -or marketing intelligence.

So far, what is your favorite feature of the platform?

That isn't kind to make me choose only one ;)

From a pain relief, it must be the automated Vigilance database feedback. This saves tons of hours preparing for quarterly Quality reviews and PMS reporting.

Thank you, Jacqueline, we are really happy and excited to have CLIN-r + onboard and looking forward to a long-lasting partnership. To read more about ClinR + and their services, please visit


To learn more about Hoodin for Medtech and Post market surveillance, book a meeting here.


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