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Trails of South Sweden: a Hoodin supported hiking and biking platform

We have been silent for a while as we have been focusing on streamlining our core solutions but also worked hard on something we are very proud of, and we can now present a part of it at least; Hoodin gives you: Sydostleden, an initiative led by Region Skåne and Tourism in Skåne.

Sydostleden is a part of a bigger project called Trails of South Sweden. The project is digital solution, available on the web and soon also as applications for both android and iOS that has as purpose to facilitate and enhance the experience of hiking or biking one of the trails that are situated in South Sweden. Except for Sydostleden, which is a biking trail, the project will also incorporate Skåneleden (hiking), Kattegattleden (biking) and Hallandsleden (hiking).

The main purpose of Trails of South Sweden is to support hikers and bikers in every aspect of their adventure; get inspired to get out in the nature by articles and beautiful images captured by others who have done the route through social media and experts that are familiar with the terrain and level of difficulty as well as with the gems you should't miss  The platform gives a detailed description of the route, divided into track segments, in terms of length and highest points but also what it has to offer when it comes to points of interests, the best places to cool off by the water, where to eat and sleep and where to get supplies for example. It also tells you how to best get to your starting point from your current location. When you are ready for departure you can plan your own trip with the mapping tool and keep track of where you might want to stop on the way. You can follow live updates from along the route and share your own experience as the platform collects relevant information from your chosen trail.

Trails of South Sweden enabled by Hoodin makes it easy for for Region Skåne and Skåne Tourism to promote hikning and biking tourism through an attractive digital presence. One of the greatest benefits for editors, and the requirement for the project, was to get a user friendly and information rich platform that is easy for them to maintain, both with auto published content fetched from trusted sources and contributors and articles and images crafted and captured by on of their editors which is possible in the Hoodin Content Curator. To promote destinations or trips, one of the most effective ways is to share stories and pictures to spark a traveler's imagination, and make sure that travelers get the most out of their trip so that they are encouraged to share their experience, which is exactly what the platform for Trails of South Sweden assists both editors and travelers with.

The platform is a perfect case of how Hoodin can help our clients to digitalize tourism and travelling experience by using geography related data. "The project has been very exciting for us, as it had us to work more with fetching data and map larger areas that are linked to each other. We hope that this task will open up for more interesting projects that can excite curious people to experience more!" says Marcus Emne, CEO and founder of Hoodin.


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