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The Power of Modules: Unlocking Comprehensive Surveillance & Vigilance with Hoodin 

Welcome to our in-depth exploration of Hoodin's specialised surveillance modules. In this session, you'll discover how these modules enable you to create a 360° surveillance and vigilance system for your products. Learn from regulatory affairs expert Martin King as we navigate the challenges and benefits of automated surveillance. With Hoodin, stay updated and ensure compliance seamlessly.


Key Takeaways:

  1. Introduction to Surveillance Modules:

    • Hoodin's surveillance modules create a 360° surveillance and vigilance system tailored for your products.

    • Expert insights from Martin King highlight challenges in regulatory affairs and quality assurance. 2

  2. Overview of Modules:

    • Hoodin system generates ten specific modules based on information entered for a product on the market.

    • Modules include Product Specific Regulatory Compliance, Literature, Clinical Trials, and more.

  3. Types of Surveillance Modules:

    • Automatically generated modules cover comprehensive surveillance needs.

    • Suggestions for new modules and the ability to create custom surveillance modules by monitoring selected sources and keywords. 

  4. Functionality of Modules:

    • Each module consists of validated sources and unique matching rules tailored to your product.

    • Modules provide a comprehensive overview of scanned, matched, and pending articles related to your product.

  5. Managing and Using Modules:

    • Organise articles by tagging, marking as read, bookmarking, or archiving.

    • Access publication dates, summaries, translation options, and links to full articles.

  6. Benefits of Surveillance Modules:

    • Gain total control over incoming data related to your product.

    • Ensure compliance and stay updated with the latest regulatory information.

    • Automate surveillance activities to streamline processes and enhance efficiency.

1. PDF Guide: Create Your Own Surveillance Hub 

2. The Surveillance Hubs Quiz

3. Set Up Your Own Surveillance Hub


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