Regulatory & Compliance Insights


By monitoring with a purpose to fetch upcoming and potential changes within regulatory, compliance and legal on your markets, you ensure proactive decision-making regarding research and development of products.

With the use case template for Regulatory and compliance insights you may also monitor what the expertise publish or current and upcoming regulations.

A smarter way to collect and share insights  

Less complicated

A predefined project will make it less complicated to know what sources to monitor for what purpose - Hoodin helps you on the way.

A variety of content 

Hoodins robots searches through the sources and fetches content from databases, science, health care authorities, forums, social media and more. 

Act on results

Hoodin generates an incoming flow of important content so that you may act upon important changes and insights. 

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Hoodins robots

Important insights when needed

Some 200 industry adapted sources

Increased productivity

Collaborate on insights

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Jakob Adaktusson, Team lead & Partner Manager

Hoodin experts are ready to help you reach a perfect project for Regulatory & Compliance Insights.

To help customers and partners with an adapted platform solution that suits their challenges and needs is the best part of my job. Our goal is to make the job within external content monitoring significantly more efficient and smarter. We want to offer a service that reduces companies internal costs, for real.

Hoodin screens over 100 million articles and publications from some 200 sources, every minute, every day.


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