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Deliver value with Hoodin

Most systems and digital media has one thing in common, they are content heavy.  Many systems require a human to enter content and data to the system, but what if a system could become self-populated by automation?


Contact us to learn more about how Hoodin and you may partner up to let your system get enriched with relevant and automated content.


  • CRM - Get client feeds, from and about the client to use as action triggers

  • QMS - Send monitoring results to QMS for actions / change requests

  • CMS - Enhance content marketing by adding a module to fetch related content for inspiration

  • Digital media - Automate your monitoring to increase content velocity

  • Apps - Boost your app with relevant and automated content, such as social media and news feeds related to main content of your app

  • ECM and intranet - Deliver knowledge and insight hubs to centralize and make sharing of external content more efficient

  • E-shop platforms - Monitor and reuse content related to products, fetch content for inspiration and content marketing

What's in it for a partner?

With Hoodin as part of your total offering and eco-system you may help clients become more efficient in how they monitor and make use of business critical content. They might need the service in order to be compliant with regulations, create action triggers for sales and marketing activities or to distribute industry insights internally or/and for use in continuous product and service development etc. 


Partners use Hoodin to win new customers, and to extend deliveries to existing clients. A partner may as well use Hoodin to improve own internal processes regarding monitoring of digital content. 

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