Super Feeder

Monitor and retrieve content from websites, social media, forums, event services and much more to use as content on your website, app, newsletters and more

What Super Feeder is and does

Super Feeder helps you to monitor and retrieve content from:

News sites


Social meda

Discussion forums

Events (Super Feeder + events)

Places (Super Feeder + places)

Use the result to create content to your own digital channels.

Millions of posts, articles and videos are generated online every hour. In order to get started quickly and not miss something important, we have prepared different sources that are important for all the industries mentioned above. That way, relevance is guaranteed, and you will get the content you need. No more no less.

Become a partner to Hoodin

Are you a company that is active in strategic or operational consultancy, quality and compliance or market & business intelligence? Then you should look more closely at becoming a partner with Hoodin.


With Hoodin as part of your offer, you will be able to improve both your own and your customers' efforts by monitor digital content, in a more efficient way. Contact us today, there are leads waiting for you.


Book an online meeting with a partner manager right away!

Why different solutions for

different industries?


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