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Transform Your Surveillance and Vigilance: An In-Depth Guide to Surveillance Hubs and Their Powerful Features​

Discover how surveillance hubs can benifit your data management and monitoring processes. In this video, we explore what surveillance hubs are, why they're crucial for effective surveillance and vigilance, and how you can leverage them to streamline your processes. Learn about the key functions of hubs, different types of hubs available, and watch a demonstration of how to set up your own surveillance hub.


Watch the Video, Take the Quiz, and Download Resources Below!


1. PDF Guide: Create Your Own Surveillance Hub 

2. The Surveillance Hubs Quiz

3. Set Up Your Own Surveillance Hub


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Key Takeaways:

What are Surveillance Hubs  

  • Centralised command centers for all your surveillance activities.


Key Functions of Hubs

  • Centralised data management 

  • Real-time alerts and updates

  • Custamisable surveillance

  • Enhanched decision-making

  • Streamlined reporting


Types of Hubs

  • Product Brand Surveillance 

  • Product Type Surveillance

  • Custom SUrveillance

Setting Up Your Own Hub

  • Choose hub type, enter product details, configure settings

PDF Guide


1. Key Functions of Hubs: Explore the key functions of hubs, including centralized data management, real-time alerts, customizable surveillance, enhanced decision-making, and streamlined reporting.

2. Types of Hubs: Discover the different types of hubs you can set up, such as Product Brand Surveillance, Product Type Surveillance, and Custom Surveillance.

3. Create Your Own Surveillance Hub: Step-by-Step Guide

4. Practical Demonstration: Watch a step-by-step guide on how to set up your own surveillance hub, tailored to your specific needs.

Download Resources:

  • PDF Guide: Create Your Own Surveillance Hub

  • The Surveillance Hubs Quiz

  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Follow along with the video tutorial to input your own information and set up your surveillance hub.

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