Hoodin helps you to monitor and retrieve digital content about places such as restaurants, excursion destinations, museums and other activities that you can use to market your destination.

Few industries have as much need as tourism with constantly publishing current-day content. Within tourism there is a need to tell about events that happen within your destination, activities in your area, articles about what you can do as a tourist, etc. Hoodin has developed an industry-adapted version of Super Feeder designed with features to facilitate and improve the way businesses in tourism can market their destinations in a smarter way.

  • Monitor and download digital content for republishing in your own channels

  • Save time when creating content marketing

  • Share knowledge and results with colleagues within organization's with less time spent on research and monitoring

  • Monitor content from sources that are most relevant to your company and destination

  • Get expert help from partners within your industry

Hoodin and digital content monitoring are used for two purposes

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Create material for your content marketing and your digital channels to market your destination in a more time- efficient way with Super Feeder

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Monitoring and research in a more efficient way with Omni Observer

Are you curious about which businesses that are using Hoodin to collect their content to the event calendar

and how they do it?

Super Feeder

Hoodin Super Feeder retrieves information about events, restaurants, excursion destinations and more, depending on your specific needs. The content can then be reused on social media, blogs, newsletters, websites and much more. Of course, it's possible to make the process completely automated in order for the work to be as time-efficient as possible.

Monitor content from industry-specific news media, blogs, etcetera

Monitor and retrieve content about events that happen in your destinations

Monitor and retrieve content and information about places in your destination

Monitor content from forums och social media

Publish content on your own digital channels, such as intranet, social media, blogs, websites etcetera

Feed content into internal or external newsletters.

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Monitor content from industry-unique sources. A few examples are


Articles and news about travel destinations and trends


News and trends






Social Media (retrieve pictures and videos from Instagram, videos from Youtube, articles from Facebook and tweets etc.)

You can also monitor and retrieve content from news media etc.

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We've got partners that will provide you with their expertise.
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