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Future research and surveillance needs for Medtech companies

Marcus Emne CEO at Hoodin, and host for this webinar will talk about the Medtech landscape regarding future research and surveillance needs. The amount of data online is almost infinite and the fact is that every 2 days the same amount of data that existed until 2003 is created. In this webinar we discuss the challenges of this and how efficient solutions can help medtech companies with surveillance and compliance. 

Webinar agenda: 

  • What does the current challenge of digital content monitoring look like?

  • How will the amount of data that is published daily and needs to be collected affect Medtech companies’ work with monitoring and surveillance?

  • Results from the yearly survey “future research and surveillance needs in Medtech”.
    + Share thoughts and discuss with industry peers and experts

For who? Companies in the Medtech industry. 

When? 2 september, please select time at the right menu. 

Host: Marcus Emne, CEO, Hoodin 

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