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Are you still struggling with manual research?

Performing research is a task assignment that almost everyone needs to do in their working role. We all know that it is extremely important to stay up to date, keep up with news and updates, monitoring competitors and your own products. But it’s not only important for development and decision making - in many industries, research and monitoring is a required activity to stay compliant to regulations. Are you performing research for post market surveillance, regulatory intelligence, pharmacovigilance, or content marketing and writing? It’s time to stop performing manual processes and start automating the job. Why? We give you 4 reasons why research should be automated from now on.

The risk of doing the job twice

When doing manual research in a team or organization, it is a struggle to know who does what by when. It happens all the time that you and your colleagues do the exact same searches with the same keywords on the same sources. And the findings? Yes, they will probably also be the same. Double job = twice as much time spent. So start by deciding who's responsible for research in each area. This will save you a lot of time!

Handling of irrelevant content

Searching on Google and other search services will give thousands and thousands of results. With just one search field to enter your keywords, the results will easily be very broad and most of the content will not be relevant to you. Handling irrelevant content is not the most fun and effective task to do, and we are sure that the time could be better spent on other, more important tasks. There is also not only one place to search within, as there are lots of sources, such as databases, forums, media news, and social media to keep track of. It quickly becomes a large task with so many different sources and articles to handle.

Missing out on important insights, news, updates and mentions

The effect of handling a lot of data and content is that you can easily miss out on important insights, news, updates, and mentions. That’s just the human factor, but it can be solved easily by automating the process of content monitoring. By doing that, you will be able to see the results of your searches directly (the same day as it is published) and can take necessary actions in a timely manner. Missing updates and mentions of your products or company can have consequences and should be prevented. The types of content that need to be taken care of right away can be incident reports, negative feedback, and complaints about your products.

The time thief we have to get rid of

It goes without saying that manual research will lead to inefficient processes and a lot of time spent. In today's digital world, more and more are getting automated. So why stay in the past when it comes to doing research in a really inefficient way? No matter why you perform research, it has to be done - but there are many ways to do it more efficiently. With Hoodin, research and content monitoring will be managed smarter and easier, and instead of you handling the process in a manual way, our robots will deal with the time-consuming job.

Let’s leave manual research in the past!

We have compared manual vs. automated research and saw a big difference in time-saving and work processes. This is why we are very happy to have created a platform to help prevent teams and organizations from missing important updates and mentions, performing inefficient processes, and handling irrelevant content. This has resulted in us being able to help companies make better decisions and develop their business in the right direction, as well as being a lot more time-efficient and smart in their research processes.

Let’s connect! We would be happy to show you how Hoodin can change your way of working so you no longer need to struggle with manual research.



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