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About us

What Hoodin does

Our mission is to simplify and improve the way companies and organizations monitor and uses the benefits of fetching digital content in less time. That way Hoodin release energy and time which you then can use on other business value.

We think that manual searching and copy / paste should belong to the past. We, or rather the platform we have built, are your assistant, when it comes to collect content, processing and updating your digital channels.

If you want to find content and information somewhere on the internet, our platform will help you in an efficient way. Your solution will be adapted to what you need to do with your information.


Why we do it

Our working method is always based on the needs of our customers. What content does your organization need? Where can we find it and how can we use it? We continuously explore new sources and formats used in digital content.

We who work at Hoodin are driven by making it easier for you as a user. With our platform we want you to feel that you are achieving more with better results in less time compared to manual search.

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