Hoodin pricing plan

We want to keep it simple.

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24/7 updates

Knowledge hub

Customized feeds


Report function

€129 / month

200 covered sources

1 project owner

Unlimited project members

14 days free trial

Add some extra

Extra Sources 

+ €1/month

Extra project owner 

+ €49/month

Extra editor 

+ €49/month

Pick your industry to get started.

Each solution is designed to contain the most important sources and monitoring feeds for your needs.

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Post market surveillance, Regulatory Intelligence
Content marketing & writing.


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Regulatory Intelligence  
Content marketing & writing.


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Fetch material regarding
important events and news in
the finance industry.


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Monitor third party organisations Regulatory, Law & Standards.

Public sector

Some of our customers & partners

By using Hoodin, our customers and partners are saving up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches. Take part in client cases and interview below to learn more.  

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Frequently asked questions

We receive many questions about our platform and our industry solution. Here are the most common questions and answers.


Who uses Hoodin?

The typical Hoodin user varies depending on the person's need for external monitoring. Everything from Regulatory proffessionals, Quality Managers and Post Market Surveillance experts to Marketing and Finance Managers.

What different solutions does Hoodin offer?

Hoodin is an industry-tailored platform and have solutions for Medtech, Pharma, Finance and the Public sector, among others.

What sources does Hoodin monitor?

Hoodin monitors hundreds of sources, all based on selected industry and use case. We promise you that Hoodin monitor the sources you need to monitor, and should you miss a source - Don’t you worry, then we'll add it for you!

Can Hoodin help me select relevant sources to monitor?

Yes of course. The first thing you encounter in the platform is a guide that will help you select relevant sources for your specific needs. Relevance is the key to successful monitoring project!

Can everyone in my team use Hoodin?

Absolutely! It is very easy to invite colleagues so that they also can take part in of your monitoring project. And best of all - this feature is free.


Can I try out Hoodin for free?

Of course! Hoodin always offers a 14-day free trial period. Just leave your email address below and you're ready to get started.

How much does a monthly license cost?

129 € / month. We offer a standard license for all our solutions.