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Standard Licence

€139 / Month

1 Surveillance & Vigilance Profile
1 Project Owner Account


Enterprise Licence

Contact for pricing

Have a large portfolio of products and product types that require surveillance and vigilance?

Reach out to get a quote on a solution that
fits your unique needs.


Scale your Hoodin project to meet your evolving needs and maximise its potential. Within a Hoodin project (licence) you may build a portfolio with several surveillance & vigilance profiles, invite colleagues as editors or members and set up data feeds for historic vigilance data.

Profile Slots

Add surveillance and vigilance profile to build your portfolio.

A profile is a specific product, product type or technology that you set up surveillance and vigilance upon.

You may add an unlimited amount of profiles to a project.

€69 / Month

User Seats

Add user seats for collaboration
and shared insights

Editors and owners require seats.
Members are free. 

€49 / Month

€0 / Month

Vigilance Data Feeds

Reports on historic vigilance data

Generate CSV reports on vigilance data with up to 5 years of history.

€10 / Report



AI supported set up

Creating a design for surveillance and vigilance is a challenging task. With the integrated AI set up feature you will get guidance to create the best possible design for your unique needs.

AI summary and translations

Hoodin come with an integrated AI feature that summarises longer articles and translates non-english texts. 

Surveillance & Vigilance Modules

Hoodin comes with a set of Surveillance and Vigilance modules. These modules are designed to fulfil the requirements to perform surveillance and vigilance upon a life science product 

Labeling & Comments

All content that is being retrieved via Hoodin may be labeled for improved sorting and filtering purposes and you may add comments too.

Custom Modules

Besides the modules suggested by Hoodin, you may create your very own by using Custom Modules. Doing so, you select what sources to use and what query to apply for continuous monitoring. 


Create reports on one or many modules, select time frame and you may even set recurrences for automations. 

Hoodin provides you with 24/7 surveillance and vigilance. In addition to the core functionality of Hoodin, you'll encounter these key features when using it:

User seats
Profile slots
Data feeds


Profile Slots 

A "Profile" in Hoodin is a surveillance and vigilance profile for a specific product, a product typ / technology or a slot you would like to use in order to set up a custom profile. 

User Seats

User seats are used to add users and invite them to your Hoodin project. User seats are for the account types;
Owner - Account type that includes add, edit or remove anything. Unique for the account type is that an owner may manage billing information and terminate a project.

Editor - Account type that includes add, edit or remove anything. But and editor cannot change billing information or terminate a project. 

The account type "Member" is free to use. Persons you invite as members get a read and comment access only. They can only see and comment on articles that has been selected by an editor or owner.  

Vigilance Data Feeds

This feature is needed for profiles that is a specific product and that has a rather high number of adverse events that needs to be retrieved. The data feed generates csv files with up to 5 years of historic data from sources such as Maude, Bfarm, MHRA, FDA recalls. 

Payment terms
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