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Client case: "We want to be proactive as a company"

Syntach AB is a Swedish Medtech company, based in Lund, a “Life Science-city” near Malmo and Copenhagen. The company was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a completely new class of cardiac support devices to improve the care of the rapidly-growing number of people with heart failure.

To address these current challenges, Syntach is developing a medical device for the treatment of patients with chronic left ventricular failure. Syntach is now in an innovation and development phase with the goal to First in Man in 2023.

The Challenge of manually monitoring

As Syntach currently conducts research to develop its products, it is extremely important to keep up to date on innovations, updates on regulations, research and literature. It has also been important for Syntach to keep track of competitors and their development. Manually searching and managing the information felt like a time-consuming and complex task.

Syntach was well aware of the enormous amount of information available online and therefore wanted to find a way to streamline and automate external monitoring and prepare for the upcoming requirements for post market surveillance and the regulations regarding MDR (Medical Device Regulation).

We want to be proactive as a company

Syntach has used Hoodin since the beginning of 2021 to automatically monitor relevant sources to gain insights about competitors, scientific articles, research and insights around their field. Syntach has chosen to use the use case post market surveillance, as even though they do not have products on the market, they think it is very important to be prepared and above all to stay updated throughout the development process for the products.

Victoria, who is the project manager for their Hoodin project, has created surveillance on sources that are relevant for them to monitor, and with the help of "matching words" it’s determined what type of content is going to be fetched into the platform. Through recommended monitoring feeds, it is easy and smooth to create monitoring on various sources to, for example, monitor databases such as Pubmed and Maude, scientific literature, forums and blogs.

Now we can coordinate the work in a much better way

“It is difficult to say how much time we spent internally on digital searches when it was done manually, but the big problem was that the work was not coordinated. It has happened that two or three people were looking for the same information at the same time, which made it difficult to know what the other had been looking for or found.

Now we can coordinate the work in a much better way by having one place for this that everyone has access to. We no longer have to risk doing the job twice.”

The biggest advantage for Syntach of working with Hoodin as a tool has been to have everything gathered in one place. To be able to divide the monitoring into different categories and share the results with different people, as people in the team need to see different content, is invaluable.


To learn more about Hoodin for Medtech and Post market surveillance, book a meeting here.


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