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Hi Solna Stad (and others we missed to welcome)!

Updated: Feb 14, 2018

In a few weeks from now, the Swedish city Solna will provide tourists and citizens a new event calendar solution, from Hoodin. We welcome another fantastic customer!

Why do so many cities and destinations choose Hoodin as solution for parts of their tourism medias? We know what we would answer, but this is what our clients say;

"It´s such a relief, that content about events, places and even articles are generated automatically"

"The CMS to manage settings and content is super easy to work with"

"If we where to gather information to create the amount of content that Hoodin creates, well... it wouldn’t be possible"

Thanks dear clients to handle the bragging for us :) Next question then, why do they say these nice words and what is that “amount of content that wouldn’t be possible to gather information about, and then to publish”?

Let´s have a look at the example of Visit Dubai. They knew that there was a great amount of relevant content about Dubai available. But not where, and even if they knew, they wouldn’t know when the content was published. So during a try-out demo, Visit Dubai experimented with Hoodin to find and fetch events taking place in Dubai as well as social media content about Dubai.

During the first week of test, Hoodin retrieved more than 2000 events taking place in Dubai and some 500 articles about Dubai from Instagram, Facebook and videos from Youtube. Imagine what that would be like to find and publish manually? Now, that tiring job is performed by Hoodin Content Robotics to automate both the identification as well as publish relevant content. Hence, Visit Dubai may publish a tremendous amount of highly relevant content addressed to both potential as well as current visitors of Dubai, with almost no manual work.

We have not seen the numbers for Solna yet, and even if Solna is smaller as city than Dubai, the values provided would be the very same. Again, welcome Solna, and all others.

Want to learn more? Book a DEMO

Hoodin will create a uniqe demo just for you and the area or topics you wish to find and automate.


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