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How Solutions for tomorrow brings efficiency regarding clinical evaluation & regulatory intelligence

Solutions for tomorrow

Solutions for tomorrow is a world-leading company within mobile X-ray products. They have been using Hoodin regarding clinical evaluation and regulatory intelligence since 2022. Elisabeth Lundahl is the project owner and the person who set up architecture for their intelligence project in Hoodin.

Elisabet is heading QA/RA at Solutions for tomorrow and has more than 20 years of experience from the area. We had a chat to listen in on Elisabeth's experiences from using Hoodin and she sees it as the next steps for how they may gain even more value from Hoodin.

You have been using Hoodin for your intelligence needs for some time now. Could you tell us a bit more about how you are using Hoodin and how it is different now vs. how you did it before you used Hoodin?

Oh, there is a lot that is different. A good example is that we have had our technical file audited quite recently. In the past I subscribed to newsletters and checked various sites to stay up to date. Now everything comes into Hoodin, which means fewer searches which feels much better.

We have also used Hoodin for our clinical evaluation. It was convenient to have everything in one place. Since our product (X-ray) has been around for a long time, not much happens, but it's easy to create a report and have everything in the same place. One of the great things about using Hoodin is that you easily could start to monitor adjacent technology areas, such as software and cyber security without spending a huge amount of time to find the necessary sources, determining what you need to gather etc.

To me, one of the most important differences is that it feels safe with Hoodin because there is a clearer structure and you know that there is a process that is constantly running.”

What do you see as the main benefits of using Hoodin?

It is very convenient that you get all the needed information compiled in a report and that you can go back and see. It is also an advantage to know what information you have received. When working manually, there is a risk of bringing in articles more than once due to the “source confusion" dilemma that I think most people within RA/QA experience when they carry out a lot of manual monitoring.

Having all information gathered, automatically, in one place is a great relief to me and an efficiency boost for the company.

Do you think that you and what you do at Solutions for tomorrow are perceived differently after you started using Hoodin?

“I absolutely think so. My colleagues probably also feel a higher sense of security. When they come with questions and want different advice, it becomes easier to have everything collected in Hoodin and it feels professional to have a modern system that is flexible and easy to understand. It feels safe to have a tool with Hoodin being designed to support a process and is designed for the current regulations. And that you can use as much as you need at the moment.”

Do you foresee that you will use Hoodin differently than how you are using it today?

“We will get the use of Hoodin out in the line organisation. It's a great tool and we could use it so much more. For example, development can use Hoodin to monitor news in technology, innovation and science. I hope that we will extend the use throughout the company during the spring, since we would gain a lot by saving time, creating structure and by becoming more efficient and competitive.”

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