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How to utilize the upcoming market situation from a partner perspective

A big part of Hoodin is our Partner program. All partnerships look different, but there are some common denominators. Hoodin aims to work with expert partners to be able to meet our customers' challenges and needs in the best possible way. We want to create long-term and mutual partnerships, whether if it’s with CROs (Contract Research Organizations) or independent consultants. To make sure that we, together with the partner, always meet customers' challenges it is important to stay close to the market and to really understand the industry landscape. Right now, one of our targeted industries is facing new challenges. We had a chat with Felicia Falevall, Strategic Partnership Manager, to elaborate on this, and also to talk about how the Partner program looks like and its perks.

“With the upcoming MDR 2021 and the impact the new regulation will have on the medical device industry, I believe that this has resulted in an excellent market situation especially for CRO’s within the QA/RA spectrum. This will allow CRO companies out there to strengthen their service offer towards the market and really sharpen and make an impact on the services that they deliver today”

MDR 2021 is getting closer and comes into force on the 26 of May. The regulation imposes requirements on medical device companies, which among other things means that Post market surveillance activities will both change, the frequency will increase, and the idea of automating and streamlining such processes becoming increasingly apparent.

“We believe that from a partner point of view this will allow our partners in collaboration with Hoodin, to take on more customers, increase revenue and deliver sharper services towards the market in regards to Post Market Surveillance and quality. But also to be able to continue being a market leader within their field by delivering relevant services. “

Together we meet industry challenges and create real value.

Hoodin offers industry-adapted solutions and use cases on existing and upcoming regulations, needs and challenges. Hoodin works together with partners in all industries, with the goal to deliver the perfect combination of technology and industry expertise to the market.

One of Hoodins focus industries right now with their eyes on an upcoming regulation called MDR, is the Medical device industry. Not only will Medtech companies need to gather technical information and publicly available information. MDR mentions the gathering of clinical experience gained, feedback from users, screening of scientific literature as general methods and procedures of collecting relevant data.

“This is just what the Hoodin platform is built to facilitate. This makes the perfect situation for our partners to capture the needs and challenges the industry is facing and provide a suitable solution.”

The Partner program Hoodin works globally with a partner program and is always interested in exploring new opportunities with potential partners around the globe. The partner program consists of a mutual partnership relation, go-to-market strategy, and continued growth and joint activities throughout the year. This enables Hoodin to touch upon markets around the world and together with the partner network help clients globally.

“Our partner program really is the ultimate journey for the partner who wants to find mutual growth together with a platform that delivers true value to its customers and at the same time expand their own service offer to the market. For a partnership to work out well, we always look at Business alignment, Marketing and Effective communication. These three bullets are core factors for a successful partnership.” So why partner up with Hoodin? Give us three reasons. Deliver true value - Our goal is to strengthen our partners’ service offer. By adding Hoodin to the services, they will deliver true value and a sharper service to their customers.

Increase growth - We enable our partners to deliver their own services on top of Hoodin to increase sales and their existing customer base.

Lasting partnership and mutual growth - Our partner program is the ultimate journey for those who want to find mutual growth and deliver true value together and to be a part of changing the life science industry to work more efficiently. Together we automate the processes that can be automated so that we can focus on growing our expertise and deliver even better services and results to our customers.

If you are interested in discussing partnerships and industry solutions, feel free to book a meeting with us!


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