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Interview: Hoodin teams up with Medical Device Resolve

The other week, Marcia Elana Podboršek, a Medical Device consultant, entered a partnership together with Hoodin. We are very happy to welcome Marcia to our partner network and to have such a talented and experienced Medical Device consultant by our side. Marcia is the founder of MedDev Rešitve. More about her can be found on her website here. She contributes to the industry by providing Professional regulatory consultancy services to meet the obligations of the requirements of the MDR and IVDR regulations. She has also been actively involved in working groups for MDR / IVDR implementation in the European Union regulatory framework by participating in the adoption of the MDR and IVDR at the European Commission and its implementation in practice.

“It has been a true pleasure working with Marcia so far, and I am convinced that we will utilize the synergies this partnership brings to further elaborate and deliver smart, efficient, and competent service together.” - Felicia, Partner Manager at Hoodin

Hi Marcia! You have recently entered into a partnership with Hoodin. What are your first impressions of the platform and what are your expectations of the collaboration?

I see the Hoodin platform as very useful for my consultancy service! I already work on my network among Slovenia manufacturers through Zbornica MedTech Slovenija as a part of the Slovenian Chamber.

My expectations for future collaboration is that I will have, among my services, also the possibility to connect my clients with the Hoodin platform to ensure they get clinical data for providing the equivalency of medical devices and IVDs. Nevertheless, everything depends on client demands in the agreement. So maybe I will have to search for data as well. Also, I can keep them informed if there will be a new academic literature post since it is in the plan to work closer with startup companies in Slovenian. Through Zbornica MedTech Slovenia is in plan in near future to collaborate with SIS EGIS (Slovenian Innovation Hub)

How do you think the platform could make your daily business more efficient for both you and your clients when delivering your services?

The need to get information for preparation for a good clinical evaluation is now crucial more than ever before since it has to be done for all classes with no exception. That is where Hoodin comes in.

So far, what is your favorite feature of the platform?

Searching by keywords! After the presentation about the platform, I found out that Hoodin developed a user-friendly tool, which enables easy use. The structure is very logical and the best is that when you get results everything is there. Results can be just put into the clinical evaluation file with your own explanation and observation.

Thank you very much, Marcia, and once again, we are really looking forward to a successful partnership with you.


To learn more about our solution for Medtech or our partner program, book a meeting here.


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