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Making insights actionable

For Hoodin, serving our users with the best possible tool for intelligence and monitoring of data and information, is all about letting our users become more efficient and make better decisions. Intelligence and insights should be the beginning of any path for a decision to be made. No matter if the change concerns technology, changes due to updates in regulations or standards, or if quality issues are detected.

Tagging and commenting insights in Hoodin
Tagging and commenting insights in Hoodin

Retrieving the right information at the right time is the first step. The second

step, and equally important is to make the insights actionable. So what do we mean when talking about "actionable"? It is not more advanced than that you need to provide the retrieved information with some very important attributes to ensure that your peers that the information is shared with may decode the insight in order to understand "who does what by when and why".

There is still a common behavior that information is shared internally in its raw shape. You recognise the mail received by a colleague, or a post on MS teams / Slack, that only contains a link... That shared information might be very important, or maybe just a FYI-notice. You won't know, and most likely you won't bother clicking the link since you are busy.

Imagine that you received the information in a shape that told you why you got the information, what you are expected to do and if there is a due date for the action to be taken.

Have a look at the short movie below to see what it would be like when insights are made actionable.

If you are keen to learn more, pls book an insight call with one of our experts at

Become an intelligence hero and make sure you and your team get the level of attention you should have!


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