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New databases and sources available, every day

A crucial part of Hoodin is the catalogs of sources that user may monitor for their intelligence purposes. Every day, Hoodin runs processes to identify and validate new sources that should be added. This post is about that process and a summary of the sources that where added the last two weeks (first two weeks of May 2022).

The most recently added sources

Due to a majority of Hoodin users that uses the licens for Medical Device industry, the sources added are all Medtech oriented sources. The sources that have been added during first two weeks of May 2022 are:

Vigilance / Data feeds

Canada Recalls - Besides the databases already available for adverse events and recalls (MAUDE, FDA Recalls, Bfarm, HMRA) the database from Canada recalls is now available to retrieve data sheets for Post Market Surveillance.

Regulatory insights

Seleon blog - The approvals of medical technology products for first-time market introduction are subject to special approval procedures. The heterogeneous international procedures and regulatory requirements are continuously changing and becoming more and more extensive. The Seleon blog provide you with ongoing and always up-to-date information on the most important topics from all areas of medical technology.

Orthopedics This Week - OrthopedicsThisWeek is the essential and most widely read publication in Orthopedics. 40x a year, OTW delivers breaking news, analysis and commentary. (This source also publishes content on topics such as technology, innovation, standards and quality)

Open Regulatory - News and insights about regulatory, especially for software in medical devices.

Medical Plastics News - News, Insights and Analysis on Medical Plastics. (This source also publishes content on topics such as technology, innovation, standards and quality)

medicaldevice HQ - Advisory and training in risk management, design control, project management, quality management, software development and safety for medical devices.

CRITICAL CATALYST - Regulatory news and advisory.

Reed Tech Blog - News and advisory regarding regulatory in Medtech and Pharma.

Regulatory updates

Saudi Food and Drug Authority - News and updates - News, warnings and updates regarding drugs, medical devices, cosmetics and food.

Laws & regulations database, China & Taiwan - Monitor this database containing law and regulations, to retrieve updates, news and changes regarding law and regulations in China & Taiwan.

NMPA (China) - Monitor any news and updates on the NMPA site. NMPA (National Medical Products Administration) is the legal authority in China.

Market reports and analytics

Digital Journal - Market reports and analytics on various markets.

TrendWatching | News - News and trend updates from analysts at TrendWatching.

FutureLab - Advisory and cases around customer centric business development.

The Hoodin process to detect, validate and add new sources

How does new sources becomes added to Hoodin? Well, a high level description of the process is as follows.

Sources are detected in two ways. Either a source may be requested by a user or one of the external industry experts that Hoodin collaborates with. This is the "crowd forces" that Hoodin uses to detect and validate new sources.

Secondly, there is an internal process that is ongoing 24/7. The high level mechanisms of the process is that Hoodin scans for sources that are similar to the once already existing and multiple tools are used to detect these sources, such as Alexa ranking and indexing tools and related analytics techniques. Besides the machine part, there is always a manual part where the final step is a manual validation to secure that the source is reliable and that Hoodin may tag the source (topics, type of content, type of author etc) so that users easily can find the sources by filtering and search in Hoodin.

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