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New use case template for Pharma - Quality and standards Intelligence

Now we are releasing the use case Quality and Standards for all our users in the Pharma industry. Just like the existing use cases for pharmacovigilance, regulatory intelligence and content marketing, the Quality and Standard Intelligence use case will be extremely useful for teams and organisations in the pharma industry - Just like it will be for those in the MedTech industry, where this use case was recently released.

Quality and standards in short

For standards, users will be able to monitor sources such as and keep track of any changes and newly released (even planned releases) in standards. Besides ISO, users will also find most of the largest international and national standard organisations as available sources.

Quality is a large topic and new methods, insights, and cases are published every day. With Hoodin for Quality and standards, users will now be able to monitor the thought leaders and experts within quality.

An important area for our Pharma users

The ideal users for this use case are people within the quality assurance and quality control areas of the pharma industry, however others, such as PV (safety), medical and regulatory may also find a use for it too. Alongside safety and efficacy, quality is the third, fundamental key piece in relation to medicines. It is therefore another important area for our Pharma users to monitor external content for.” Nicholas Wells, Pharma expert at Hoodin

A time-consuming area of digital content monitoring

To manually keep track of all these Quality and standards news, updates and insights is a time-consuming job but a really important task that needs to be done. Every day, a huge amount of digital content is being published online and it’s almost impossible to be able to keep track of everything - and also, not to miss anything. Automating the process will give you not only a more efficient process but also a better overview of the results from your searches and no more missed insights.

Let’s start today! Book a meeting with us and we’ll be happy to show you more!


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