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Platform release: Manage articles view

Our focus and goal are to constantly develop the platform based on our customers' experiences and needs. Today we take another step in the right direction by releasing our latest feature: An improved way of managing articles in the platform. From now on, it will be even easier for our customers to work with the results from their Hoodin monitoring project. , I.e. the content in forms of articles, posts, and videos. Reading, editing, and sharing content are some of the most essential parts of working with Hoodin and we are very happy to release an update that will give our users a better overview and functionality to filter, manage and use content with actionable insights in mind.

Like a library full av relevant and important data

When a user is setting up their project, the first thing to do is to set up monitoring feeds on relevant sources and a unique combination of matching words. Then, Hoodin robots will go to the sources and look for content that matches the user's search criterias. The second step is to make use of and create value on the result. The results from the monitoring searches are mostly articles, but can also be posts and videos. With this new update, it will be a lot easier to handle and manage all this data. How? By adding new functions and features that have resulted in a better overview with an improved UI and settings for a smart and efficient workflow.

A new and improved way of managing your content

When two become one. Yes, that’s the biggest and most important thing about this platform release. We have taken two views and made it into an even better and smarter view, a combination of the previous two. From now on, you can access and manage the content directly from the start page. Combining the two views into one smart and intelligent start page will lead to fewer clicks, more efficient processes, and better results.

New features

Filtering settings It’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Use the new filtering settings to find content by sources, matching words, timespan and date.

Select, delete and comment To select, delete, and comment on content is a main function that has always been available in the platform. But now, this release has made it even easier to access those functions - by transforming the start page into a “content-hub” where users can access their content and make the actions directly from the page where the content comes in.

Sort by date By choosing a period of date and year, users can easily follow updates and news from a specific time period. How great is it, to be able to look back on your project and filter out the content from January to April 2021, for example? Maybe you need to look at all the latest content from last week until today. This updated setting will make this process more flexible and is a great add-on. Explore Manage articles view now!



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