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Q&A - New version of Hoodin

In the near future, Hoodin is releasing a new version of our platform - a version for even higher efficiency and a smoother workflow. Replacing repeated manual external monitoring and searches with an automated solution is the future, and we are eager to show you what the new version is all about. In this post, we have answered the five most commonly asked questions about the release of the new version.

Q: How has the user interface been improved? A: There will be many improvements to the user interface. Among other things, we have created a completely new way of setting up and managing a monitoring project. Our users will be met by an updated, cleaner and more interactive platform for automated content monitoring.

Q: How does the new version simplify the process of content monitoring? A: Hoodin delivers tailored use case templates for recognized needs. By choosing a use case template based on a user's specific need, Hoodin is prepared with a tailored solution with hundreds of sources suitable for the users industry. This will contribute to more efficient and simple processes and a massive advantage compared to manual monitoring.

Q: Will the new version of Hoodin impact the process of setting up and creating coverages on sources?

A: From now on, a Hoodin project will be based on several monitoring feeds. The monitoring feeds will be created based upon the use case template chosen by the user. The new version of Hoodin is more interactive and allows the user to set up their monitoring feeds smoothly and easily, to get relevant content for the company's needs.

Q: How can I use Hoodin for external monitoring?

A: Our goal is to help companies and teams become more efficient in their processes to monitor external content. To make this manageable in the best way possible, Hoodin offers industry tailored solutions which we have carefully developed based on industry specific needs and challenges.

Some of Hoodins’ most popular use cases are:

- Post Market Surveillance (Medtech)

- Pharmacovigilance (Pharma)

- Regulatory & Compliance Insights (Medtech & Pharma)

Q: Will the price for a subscription increase? A: No, our monthly license price will remain the same - €129/month.

Curious about Hoodin's new version? Sign up here.


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