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Shared insights for business results

Gathering insights and important information is an art in itself, but it is not until that information and those insights are shared with the right people and in the right format that it creates real value for a company.

That is why Hoodin comes with several options to share content from a Hoodin project.

Depending on the objectives of your Hoodin project, that could range from monitoring your product on the market to detect and retrieve market feedback and reported issues to monitoring for insights related to technology trends or the market, you would most likely need to share the results in different formats.

Share the findings in a report

For the product monitoring use case, you would need to compile a report and the findings from your Hoodin project would be used as sections or an annex to a master report. Then the report / export feature would be your choice.

The report feature in Hoodin
Export content for report purposes

Share the findings to get engagement

If a part of the monitoring objectives are to share insights and centralize ongoing research, then the best ways to share content would be to invite colleagues as project members or to share selected feeds via the communication software that is used at the company.

The more the merrier, invite colleagues to a Hoodin project

Using Hoodin as your monitoring platform, you may invite as many colleagues as needed. The account type they get is called “Project member” and as such they may access all content that has been selected by a project owner or editor. The project member can also contribute with comments and hence you may have the centralized discussion regarding insights in Hoodin.

With Hoodin, you may invite as many peers as you like to share your insights with. The account types is free.
Invite project members

Set up insights channels in Slack or MS Teams

Finally you may share the insights as an RSS feed in any third party communication software. To generate a feed of you selected articles from Hoodin, you follow these simple steps: 1. Select “Activate RSS” for the Monitoring feed you wish to share.

2. Copy the RSS URL

3. Add an app in Slack or MS Teams that supports RSS feeds 4. Create a channel in Slack or MS Teams 5. Activate the RSS app for the channel and add the RSS URL from Hoodin (You may aggregate several RSS feeds from Hoodin into one channel in Slack or MS Teams).

A great way to share insights is to share it directly via Slack or MS Teams
Share insights via Slack or MS Teams

Keen to learn more about how to get actionable insights that you may share with colleagues in ways that support your monitoring needs? Book a demo here

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