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The story behind the new version

We understand your challenges

We all need to get it done. To keep track of the market, products, competitors, customers, mentions, regulatory changes, technologies, and trends… It’s a time-consuming job to be able to manage external monitoring every week, every day. Nevertheless, it is extremely important for product development, fact-based decision making and for some companies, even to stay compliant with regulations.

Regardless if you're a mid-size company, new on the market, or an established company with several teams and offices, you need to work with content monitoring to keep track of the market. We know that this is a time-consuming job, and that is why we created The Hoodin Platform in the beginning. Today, we are happy to help companies and teams to handle content monitoring in an efficient and automated way.

We know that your market is facing new challenges and regulations, and new demands arise as we live in an increasingly digital and changing world. Every day, a huge amount of content is being published online and the high frequency makes it impossible to keep track of market feedback and important insights - and that’s where Hoodin comes in.

A new version for even higher efficiency and a smoother handling

Soon it is finally time for Hoodin to present a brand new version for even higher efficiency and smoother handling of external, content monitoring. We are very happy and proud that we can offer our customers a platform with several improvements and features, created with a sensitivity towards the market challenges and user experiences.

“The core and the purpose of the release is based on how we have seen and interpreted the needs for a user in regards to getting a superior experience and value from performing monitoring of digital content and the needs that Hoodin addresses. We wanted to improve that our users always should know exactly what each part of Hoodin is about and how to think in order to create a world-class monitoring project. In just a few minutes." Marcus Emne, CEO.

Using Hoodin will from now on be a lot more easier and efficient. One new feature is that users will be able to recognize what sources to monitor per need. The platform will also have a new design and an improved user interface for smoother handling.

“The latest version of Hoodin is something completely new and means that we are moving closer to where we want to go. I am extra proud that this project is 100% based on input from the market. We have done a very good job in the challenge that comes with interpreting market feedback into technology. The market team and the development team have done a fantastic job there.” Marcus Emne, CEO

More time saving, less time wasting

From a user's perspective, Hoodin will look a bit different, including a new landing experience. This means, among other things, a new start page that has been given a new central role. The new version of Hoodin is much more interactive and allows the user to set up their monitoring feeds more efficiently.

Hoodin has always been unique as a content monitoring tool, where users may create monitoring projects that are tailored to meet their needs. With the new version of Hoodin, the way to match a huge amount of sources to a certain need has been improved. Users will find it easier since Hoodin recommends what sources to monitor for what purpose.

With the new version of Hoodin, you will be able to choose between several monitoring feeds and be recommended sources suitable for you. The new version will also reduce the time to get started with your project and increase the total number of hours saved from repeated and manual searches.

“From a development perspective, this project has resulted in a faster and more efficient way of matching and fetching content. This will significantly shorten the lead time from setting up a monitoring feed to get content right into the platform. In addition, the user receives a notification as soon as their monitoring has given results, which can happen really fast!” Malin, Teamleader development.

We are eager to finally release the new version of Hoodin. Our goal has always been to help companies to save time and money by moving repeated manual searches to automated monitoring, and with the new version, we can assure that Hoodin contributes to smoother and more time-efficient processes.

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