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Tough Questions:
Mastering post market surveillanc

Gain valuable insights on regulatory obligations, risk management, predicate selection, biological safety, and more and get ready to dive into the discussion as our panelists tackle the importance of postmarket surveillance for medical device companies in the EU and the US and much more. 

But that's not all! As an added bonus, we are excited to announce a Hoodin competition where
 the lucky winner will receive an entire year of Hoodin for free (for the total amount of €1668).   


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The Competition

To join the competition simply sign up for a free trial and have the chance to win a whole year of Hoodin 360 Surveillance and Vigilance (for the total amount of €1668). Read more below about Hoodin 360 Surveillance and Vigilance.             

 Hoodin makes the hard work easy 


1. Enter company and product information

That is everything you need to do in order to set up a tailored 360 Surveillance & Vigilance project that caters your unique needs! Based on the provided information, Hoodin's AI features will generate a comprehensive set of relevant data related to your product and establish the necessary types of monitoring required for it.

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2. Unique queries and relevant sources

The unique product information is utilized as queries to match and retrieve crucial data from specialized life science sources.

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3. Get 24/7 monitoring for proactivity

No matter if your need is Post Market Surveillance, Regulatory Intelligence, Standard Insights & Updates, or Future & Trend insights, your Hoodin project comes ready with tailored monitoring feeds to solve your unique needs.


4. Actionable insights

You can now actively participate in receiving relevant insights and results, allowing you to take action and further develop your team and organization. With Hoodin, you have the ability to share these insights by inviting your colleagues, create reports for internal distribution, or add your feeds to third-party platforms like Slack or MS Teams.

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+ 1000
available sources

Hoodin targets all stages of a products life cycle

Hoodin helps you with all the challenges that may arise during a products life cycle. The platform can be used to gain important insights during all phases, from planning to discontinuing.

Surveillance and vigilance needs through out the product life cycle

Product Life Cycle

Planning  |  Design  |  Verification  |  Post Market Surveillance  |  Discontinue

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Similar products 
What are they, and have they experienced any issues?

Ongoing Monitoring

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Ongoing Monitoring

Standards & regulations
What is applicable?

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Ongoing Monitoring

Literatur & clinical studies
What is applicable?

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Ongoing Monitoring

Adverse Events
Any feedback reported?


Let's get insighted.

Save up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches by automating the process of content monitoring.  

Tailored modules with the most relevant sources curated and designed by industry experts.

Get served with the results and content you really need. 

Easy to get started. Easy to use. You are only minutes away from saving hundreds of hours. 

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