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HTCert embrace emerging technology to meet current and future challenges

HTCert, a notified body for medical devices based in Cyprus, has chosen to use the Hoodin platform to meet the increasing number of activities in the medical device industry during MDR era. Hoodin, that is a SaaS intelligence platform for regulatory, vigilance and technology in the life science industry, will be used to monitor adverse events, literature etc. in the services delivered by HTCert.

We continuously strive to become more efficient and as a notified body it is vital to reach the highest possible quality and at the same time increase efficiency. Smart technologies are utilizing the skills of our high-skilled personnel and help us to act efficiently and effectively.

In our progress to look for a platform for monitoring of Post Market Surveillance data such as adverse events, recalls and literature, we found Hoodin and then performed a long term test to validate the quality and preciseness of results as well as efficiency. The results from the test and validation were exactly what we needed. By using Hoodin we will cut time needed by some 60% and quality is at the same level as if a human would perform the search and monitoring.

Besides using Hoodin as a platform we are also glad to have established a relationship with the company where we together may drive innovation regarding the type of technology that Hoodin deliver towards the Medical Device industry.Yannis Krallis, Director of Operations, HTCert

”Having the honor to deliver to and work with HTCert and their experienced and excellence oriented staff is truly a relationship we are very thankful to have. Over the last couple of months we have performed tests together and also looked into the future together. That future is very exciting and something we at Hoodin look forward to, with a continuous collaboration with HTCert.” Marcus Emne, CEO, Hoodin

About HTCert

HTCert is a Notified Body according to Directive 93/42/EEC for medical devices, with identification number 2803. Was established in 2016 from a team of experts which were involved in health technology for many years, servicing a wide range of activities like conformity assessments, certification activities, design of technical specifications, laboratories etc. Their multiannual professional experience is HTCert’s greatest asset and an effective competitive advantage. This is the reason why HTCert is dedicated to activities exclusively connected with healthcare and medical devices.

HTCert is investing mainly in human resources and in their expertise. As a result, a wide network of experts is already compiled, including simultaneously professionals that have been part of the development of European medical devices’ market through the last 30 years and professionals that have specialized knowledge of sophisticated and innovative technologies and devices.

“Our vision is to be recognized as a respectful and useful link of the European chain which is safeguarding health and quality of life for all European residents.

We declare our strong commitment regarding:

  • Respect of European legislation

  • Updated expertise for our activities

  • Objective, impartial and confidential services”

Keen to learn more about HTCert:

Keen to learn more about Hoodins intelligence platform for adverse events, vigilance, literature etc within life science:


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