Hoodin automates your digital content monitoring

Hoodin is a platform that will increase your efficiency and automates your digital content monitoring. 

Experience the feeling of allowing robots to do the job! 

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Content monitoring in three steps!


Monitor everything regarding patent databases, competitors' websites, events to social media and much more using relevant keywords.


Our robots will retrieve content such as text, images, videos etcetera which can then be reused. 


Use the material as needed. Regardless of whether it is for internal use or for external use such as social media, website etcetera.

Why Hoodin?

Collecting digital information on a regularly basis is a time-consuming task. However, this is something that is necessary to do within most industries to stay well updated.


Hoodin aims to simplify monitoring of digital content by offering the opportunity to automate the entire process. Our robots monitor and collect the information from sources relevant to a specific business, and gives the user access to the content on the Hoodin platform.


The user can then process the material directly in the platform by, among other things, republishing externally or sharing internally.


What makes Hoodin unique is that we offer a customized solution for each costumer based on their industry and specific needs, and also that Hoodin is designed to monitor so much more than just news and social media. This ensures maximum benefit and relevance to the user. Using the platform also saves you a large amount of time, which gives more time to focus on other business values. 


Super Feeder

Your best friend within content marketing

Monitor and fetch content for inspiration
Aggregate content and view in widgets
Publish content via API to own channels
Possible add-ons: monitor places and events

Omni Observer

A smarter business intelligence

Monitor unique industry sources and competitors
Create reports for management information
Monitor your products on forums and sociala media

Invite colleagues to share insights and knowledge


Become a partner to Hoodin

​Being part of the partner network at Hoodin is simple, educational and profitable. Our ambition regarding cooperation with partners is very easy, we want us to grow together and deliver great values to your costumers. 

The core of the partner program is;

  • Hoodin will distribute leads to partners

  • Hoodin provides training and coaching on how to customize a solution according to the customer's needs

  • Tips on how to create new and more effective offers to your customers

  • Tech  support

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