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From Good to Great: Uncover Hidden Regulatory Risks & Gain a Surveillance Edge

Hoodin 360° Surveillance & Vigilance: Your Cloud-Based Solution for Proactive & Effortless Compliance

New Hoodin Platform Release Available Now!

Try the New Hoodin 360° and experience first hand the future in managing surveillance & vigilance.

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Brands that trust Hoodin

 Achieve Effortless Compliance with Hoodin's 360° Surveillance & Vigilance

An Industry Leading Platform


Stop Chasing Updates. Get Clear, Actionable Regulatory Intelligence


Struggling to find relevant regulatory updates? Hoodin automates market surveillance (all regions, including EU MDR & IVDR). Customise alerts to receive only what matters to your products.

No more information overload! Hoodin delivers updates in clear, concise articles, translated if needed, so you can quickly assess their impact. Find out more




Uncover Hidden Market Risks Before They Become Nightmares

Keeping track of safety issues and emerging trends across all your markets is crucial, but manual methods can leave you with blind spots. This uncertainty can lead to missed risks and potential delays in ensuring your product's compliance.

Hoodin offers a centralised platform for all your market intelligence, providing a more comprehensive and proactive approach to market surveillance.


Struggling with Manual Workflows & Data Overload?

Compiling data from disparate sources, generating reports, and managing documentation can be incredibly time-consuming, hindering efficiency.

Siloed information further complicates collaboration and makes it difficult to gain actionable insights from valuable intelligence and surveillance data. 
Find out more


Rethink Surveillance & Vigilance:Unleash Your RA Team's Superpowers!

Elevate Your Approach in a Changing Regulatory Landscape

The critical importance of robust market surveillance is undeniable. Regulations like MDR, IVDR, FDA 21 CFR Part 820, and ISO 13485 all emphasise the need to continuously monitor your device's performance and prioritise patient safety.

Are you confident your current surveillance methods are equipped to handle the ever-evolving regulatory landscape?

Traditional approaches often leave RA teams feeling powerless

Data Fragmentation Chaos

Imagine piecing together information from disparate sources for the EU MDR (Article 1.1, Annex III). It's a data management nightmare hindering a holistic view of device performance.

Compliance Uncertainty Cloud

Article 83(2) of the MDR and Article 77(3) of the IVDR highlight the need for centralised systems. Without one, maintaining a clear picture of compliance can be a constant struggle.

Inefficient Workflow Quicksand

Think of the time spent on manual data entry and analysis. These tasks drain resources and hinder proactive risk management.

Empower Your Team with Hoodin. It's Your RA Team's Superpower!

Hoodin is the game-changer aid you've been waiting for. Our comprehensive platform streamlines surveillance activities, unlocks hidden potential, and acts as your RA team's superpower.

Believe it or not, getting started with Hoodin only takes 10 minutes! No credit cards, no strings attached, just try a free 14-day trial!

Work Smarter, Achieve More with Hoodin









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”In times where the amount of data and information grows to levels where it is no longer possible for a human being to monitor, sort and manage the information we see that Hoodin is the answer to many companies' pains and challenges. 


We are happy to partner up with Hoodin and we have high expectations to grow together with Hoodin for a long time. With Hoodins platform, and their professional approach we will make it easier, for ourselves and for our customers, to stay on top of things on such as e.g. post market surveillance and worldwide regulatory updates.”


Jonas Hinkkanen, Head of Medical Device Business Solutions

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