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Get what you need, avoid the noise. 

Automated content monitoring for experts

Save up to 90% of the time compared to manual research with
need centric solutions for selected industries;
Medtech, Pharma, Public Sector, Finance and Tourism


All industry monitoring templates are designed to solve
real needs. Hoodin offers use cases for 
Post market surveillance for Medtech, Regulatory Intelligence for Pharma, Content Marketing Intelligence for Finance. 

Tailored monitoring solutions per industry.

Hoodin offers tailored industry templates with the most relevant sources, curated and designed by industry experts. Everything to make it easy, smart and effective to use Hoodin.

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Enhance your Post Market Surveillance  process, keep track of regulatory changes or monitor content to feed your marketing & writing process with a constant inflow of valuable content. 

"Hoodin has delivered on what seemed like the impossible data automation solution for MedTech, so my expectation for future collaboration and the innovation output is very high." 
Jacqueline van Druten, Clin R+


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Hoodin for Pharma is an automated solution for Regulatory professionals, QA/RA managers, Pharmacovigilance experts, marketers and writers that need insights, changes, and updates from relevant sources.

”With more than 20 years of experience in regulatory affairs, mainly from Pharma, I can say with great certainty that Hoodin's monitoring platform will facilitate a large part of the manual work that is linked to pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Intelligence."
Nicholas Wells, CEO, Regulatory Index 


An industry in constant change, with high demands and large amounts of digital information.

Hoodin has developed industry-specific versions designed with functions to facilitate the work of each company in the industry by being able to reach and comply with the demands made, in an efficient and simple manner.


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The use of Hoodin will improve your process for monitoring and using external digital content to increase your effectiveness and provide citizens, residents and other important target groups with relevant and important information.

Public sector

Automated content monitoring for experts

Hoodin is always user and need-centric, giving you a reliable, efficient and user-friendly experience.

Industry expert validated solutions

Curated sources to secure relevance and cut-out the noise.

 Direct support with Hoodin experts

Designed to generate
actionable insights and results

Some of our customers & partners

By using Hoodin, our customers and partners are saving up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches. Learn more from our client cases and interviews below

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We want to be proactive as a company

Syntach was well aware of the enormous amount of information available online and therefore wanted to find a way to streamline and automate external monitoring and prepare for the upcoming requirements for Post Market Surveillance and the regulations regarding MDR (Medical Device Regulation).

"Now we can coordinate the work in a better way by having one place for this that everyone has access to. We no longer have to risk doing the job twice.”



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Interview: Partnership

"When you explore Hoodin you're surprised how their automation delivers beyond your expectations as you find real-time surveillance is quick to set up and the reporting quick to do.

Hoodin has delivered on what seemed like the impossible data automation solution for MedTech, so my expectation for future collaboration and the innovation output is very high."


Interview: Partnership

"I can certainly see how this will save me time in my projects from a purely regulatory intelligence point of view, and I am also trialing the platform for a very specific project, which will be of benefit to both me and my clients. This speaks to the versatility of Hoodin’s platform."


Let's get insighted.

Save up to 90% time from manual, repeated searches by automating the process of content monitoring.  

Tailored templates with the most relevant sources curated and designed by industry experts.

Get served with the results and content you really need. 

Easy to get started. Easy to use. You are only minutes away from saving hundreds of hours.