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Enhance Your Surveillance Strategy With Hoodin

A Certified and Validated Software for Life Science

Brands that trust Hoodin:


For whom is Hoodin intended?

Hoodin is designed with a specific focus on serving life science professionals by offering streamlined capabilities for information gathering, monitoring, and reporting. It caters to:


  • Regulatory affairs professionals.

  • Quality assurance professionals. 

  • Researchers and scientists.

Whether you work in the field of Medical Devices, IVD, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech, or Combination products, Hoodin stands as your ally in the realms of surveillance, vigilance, and regulatory intelligence.

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Quick and easy setup

Input only your company and product names; Hoodin AI features will handle the rest of the setup

AI driven

Hoodin utilizes AI to discover the most relevant content for your product by continuously monitoring critical sources required for compliance.


Address all your post-market surveillance requirements, from regulatory intelligence and standard updates to unsolicited reports from forums, social media, and trade press.


Make your insights actionable

Ever dreamt of having all your compliance content in one easily shareable place? Hoodin makes that dream a reality! You can filter, bookmark, validate, and leverage AI summaries for articles.

A platform full of handy features

Add an unlimited number of products or product types that you need surveillance for. Invite colleagues to collaborate on sharing important findings, and generate reports with just one click.


Hoodin targets all stages of a products life cycle

Hoodin helps you with all the challenges that may arise during a products life cycle. The platform can be used to gain important insights during all phases, from planning to discontinuing.

Surveillance and vigilance needs through out the product life cycle

Product Life Cycle

Planning  |  Design  |  Verification  |  Post Market Surveillance  |  Discontinue

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Similar products 
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Ongoing Monitoring

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Ongoing Monitoring

Standards & regulations
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Ongoing Monitoring

Literatur & clinical studies
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Ongoing Monitoring

Adverse Events
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”In times where the amount of data and information grows to levels where it is no longer possible for a human being to monitor, sort and manage the information we see that Hoodin is the answer to many companies' pains and challenges. 


We are happy to partner up with Hoodin and we have high expectations to grow together with Hoodin for a long time. With Hoodins platform, and their professional approach we will make it easier, for ourselves and for our customers, to stay on top of things on such as e.g. post market surveillance and worldwide regulatory updates.”


Jonas Hinkkanen, Head of Medical Device Business Solutions

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