Say hello to automated content monitoring, insights and increased productivity.

Hoodin is a platform for automated monitoring of external content. It will help you to get information advantages and excel your research. Hence, save time and costs.

Hoodin helps you create surveillance upon your products, technology, regulations, market and competitors.

Tailored templates for industry unique use cases. 

Improve efficiency with up to 90% time saved from repeated searches and monitoring.

A platform developed to simplify and automate monitoring of external content

Inadequate decision making

And hello to...

Important market insights

200+ industry adapted sources

Increased productivity

Hoodin's robots

Customized content

Time to say goodbye to...

Manual, repeated searches

Stress from missed news and changes

Inefficient processes

Handling of irrelevant content

You are just a few minutes away from saving hundreds of hours.

Learn more how Hoodin increases your company's productivity and automates your external content monitoring.

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Industry tailored monitoring solution for best results.
With a minimum of time needed to get started.


Post Market Surveillance 

Fetch unsolicited reports.

Efficient literature search. 

State of the art insights.

Monitoring of industry sources.

Regulatory & Compliance Insights 

Fetch changes within regulatory. 

Compliance and legal changes.

Ensure proactive decision-making.



Automates the process.

Monitor data bases and social media.

Efficient literature search. 

Fetch external clinical studies. 

Regulatory & Compliance Insights 

Fetch changes within regulatory. 

Compliance and legal changes.

Ensure proactive decision-making.

Public sector

Info i.o

Monitor third party organisations

Fetch content for community sectors

Distribute information to citizens

Regulatory, Law & Standards 

Monitor regulations and standards. 

Compliance and legal changes.

Ensure proactive decision-making.

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A partnership with Hoodin is more than being a partner. Our goal is to make our partners grow, where we together create a long and successful collaboration that circulates around sustainable business growth and customer value.

Some of our customers & partners


”With more than 20 years of experience in regulatory affairs, mainly from Pharma, I can say with great certainty that Hoodin's monitoring platform will facilitate a large part of the manual work that is linked to post market surveillance within medtech, as well as pharma's equivalent pharmacovigilance.” 

Nicholas Wells, CEO, Regulatory Index