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Improved report feature

In the next coming days you are about to experience a revamped version of the report feature. It will give you more and better ways to make use of the results from you Hoodin project with the following news:

  • Selection of Use Case and Monitoring feeds to have included in the report - It will now be more intuitive to make the selections needed to create a report.

  • Preview - You will see the report in a preview before you save and download the report.

  • Report summary - Every report created will contain a summary. The summary contains a short abstract on how Hoodin has been used as a monitoring tool and information on what sources that has been monitored and what matching words that was used for the articles in the report.

  • PDF & CSV - When you create a report, you will always get it in two formats. One PDF-file to use as an appendix or to copy text from and one CSV-file (excel) for use of a more compressed version and where you easily may re-style the report by rearranging or deleting rows and columns. The CSV-file is a compressed version and does not contain the report summary.

  • Reports are saved and stored - every report you create is stored under ”Saved reports”.

  • Clone reports - You will now be able to make a clone of any created report. This is may come in handy whenever you would like to create a new report with the same selection of time frame, but for a different monitoring feed or vice versa.

Creating reports is one way to share findings from a Hoodin project. If you have not learnt about the other options, such as sharing a monitoring feed via Slack or MS Teams or as a widget on a website, please read the blog post "Shared insights for business results".


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