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About Hoodin

Hoodin develops and sells a SaaS platform for automatic monitoring and fetching of digital content. The technology and the platform is applicable in many areas and industries, where the common denominator is to solve the problem; "It is too expensive or impossible to manually monitor high volumes of digital content."


In addition to the offer, Hoodin builds it's business to deliver industry-specific and function-specific solutions to ensure the highest possible relevance for each customer. A customer within Medtech has fundamentally the same needs as a customer within Finance, but the range of content that they need to monitor differs markedly. As well as the fundamental problem that must be solved by industry to industry. In tough governed markets, the customer may need to be able to comply with rules for surveillance and information gathering. In other industries, the need may be based on having difficulty finding the information at all and also that the cost of monitoring becomes unmanageable if it is to be performed manually.

Why invest in Hoodin?

Hoodin is a company with an offer where the degree of innovation is relatively high. Most companies and potential customers of today have no or badly adapted solutions for the problem of monitoring and collecting digital content.


At the same time, the amount of digital content is increasing every year, and it becomes harder and harder for companies to keep up to date on their brand, their products, customers and the market, as well as trends and developments in the technology areas in which the company operates. With our offering based on automated monitoring of digital content and high relevance from the results of the surveillance, Hoodin intends to become the leading company and the most sought after service in the markets and the functional areas that the service is available within.



"Digital content is the future for all business areas, hence I am convinced that Hoodin will be a fantastic addition for our customers in terms of optimizing their surveillance and collection of digital content."


Cassandra Ysten, Manager Europe at

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