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Hoodin + OpenAI = True

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The life science industry is constantly evolving, with new regulatory updates and changes happening all the time. Keeping up with these changes can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for professionals in regulatory affairs, legal and compliance, and quality assurance. That's where Hoodin comes in.

Hoodin is a regulatory intelligence tool that helps life science professionals stay informed about the latest regulatory updates that impact their business. The software collects and analyses regulatory information from various sources such as official websites, regulatory databases, and news outlets.

Hoodin + OpenAI = TRUE!

And now, Hoodin is about to launch a new feature with OpenAI that will revolutionise the way regulatory intelligence is delivered. The new feature will use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyse and summarise the articles fetched by the software. This will enable Hoodin to provide users with a more concise and accurate summary of regulatory updates and news articles, saving time and increasing productivity.

The new feature is expected to launch in the coming days and is set to enhance Hoodin's already impressive value proposition. Hoodin is already gaining popularity among life science professionals who are looking for a more efficient and streamlined way to stay informed about regulatory updates. With this new feature, Hoodin will be able to deliver even more value to its users.

"We are excited to use OpenAI to bring this cutting-edge technology to our users," says Hoodin's CEO, Marcus Emne. "Our mission is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date regulatory intelligence to the life science industry, and this new feature will help us achieve that goal."

Life science professionals can look forward to a more efficient and streamlined regulatory intelligence tool that will help them make more informed decisions. Hoodin's new feature is just the beginning of what's possible when AI technology and regulatory intelligence come together.

I am looking forward to Artificial Intelligence greatly easing the compliance intelligence and business intelligence tasks across the whole product life cycle. As we continue to see advancements in AI and machine learning, I am confident that the future of regulatory intelligence will be very exciting from today on.” Says Martin King, a leading voice within life sciences and regulatory affairs.

The first version of Hoodin containing a feature where OpenAI NLP (Natural Language Processing) deliver input to users is in an updated view of a retrieved article. With NLP by OpenAI in place, the time needed for a user to read and analyse a text goes down to a minimum and the summary provided by OpenAI is intended to bring clarity to both the users who manages a Hoodin project as well as for the the colleagues that will receive the intelligence in order to make decisions.

Curious to give it a try? Feel free to book a discovery call with one of our experts and to receive a free 14-day trial.

About OpenAI

OpenAI is an American artificial intelligence research laboratory consisting of the non-profit branch; OpenAI Incorporated and its for-profit subsidiary OpenAI Limited Partnership. OpenAI conducts AI research with the stated intention of promoting and developing friendly AI.

About Martin King

A British/Swiss national, brings over 40 years of extensive global experience in quality assurance, regulatory affairs, operational management, and leadership. With an educational background in Electronics, Software as a Medical Device, Mechanical Engineering, and Materials Science, Martin has worked across the complete value-chain of the Medical Device, In Vitro Diagnostics, and Pharmaceutical industry. As an independent consultant, Martin helps companies successfully approve their products and maximize their businesses by applying quality assurance and regulatory affairs throughout the product life-cycle.


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