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Interview: Hoodin teams up with Bluefinch & Medic Pro

After a successful demonstration and workshop with the owners of Bluefinch Medical and Medic Pro, Vince Wek and Matt Taylor, they decided to team up with us at Hoodin as Partners. Vince and Matt are great friends and work in the pharma and medtech industries, often supporting one another with their different skills sets and business focus. Working together and alongside Hoodin is another example of how their unique background and experience enables them to bounce ideas and strategies together to achieve desirable outcomes.

Both Bluefinch & Medic Pro can see the potential opportunities that can arise from this partnership with Hoodin, and we had the opportunity to interview Vince and Matt on their experience and thoughts with the Hoodin content monitoring platform.

Hi Vince and Matt! You recently entered into a partnership with Hoodin, what are your first impressions of the platform and what are your expectations of the collaboration?

Vince: After receiving a demonstration of the earlier platform, I was extremely impressed with the revised and more intuitive version. I can see how this will now simplify things for me and the monitoring needs I have. I am hopeful and reassured that Hoodin will be on hand to help me as I start utilising the platform.

Matt: My needs for content monitoring are quite niched. At first, I was unsure how Hoodin can help me, but after receiving an insightful demonstration, including how to add new sources relevant to my needs, I can see how the platform will really benefit me. As for the new version, I feel it is much more intuitive and attractive now.

Tell us about you both and what are your experiences and knowledge in pharma and medical devices?

Matt: I have well over 10 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and more recently medical device industry, working with organisations of varying sizes. I take a progressive approach to regulatory affairs, which is something that led to Hoodin’s platform intriguing me.

Vince: My background is in the pharmaceutical industry, with close to 20 years’ experience. I have worked with some of the largest global organisations and am involved in most stages of the drug research and development stages. Content monitoring and regulatory intelligence is a big part of what I do in my varied roles.

With so much information becoming available every day and a need to stay up to date with regulatory intelligence, what do you see as challenges regarding this?

Vince: For me, it is important to spend my valuable time wisely. I currently use manual searches and notifications, such as email or RSS feeds, for much of my intel. This is not ideal as it requires keeping a list of useful websites and feeds and then sifting through the results, which can be time-consuming. There are some providers of regulatory intelligence on the market, but these are quite expensive and do not always provide the updates I am seeking. What I really need is a service that can save me time but also something I can rely on to provide me the right information for my needs, which often change depending on the project.

Matt: I have similar issues to Vince when it comes to using my time wisely. But, as the [regulatory] strategies we produce are only as valuable as the data driving them, it is vitally important for us and our clients to have the correct information at our fingertips. My needs differ to Vince on some of my projects, but the end goal is the same, balancing the time spent on retrieving valuable information but ensuring I deliver constructive strategies and reports.

How do you see Hoodin's automated content monitoring helping to meet your needs?

Matt: It is still early days for me but I can see how the ability to “set and forget” the [monitoring] feeds to monitor the sources relevant to me will massively reduce the time I spend on repeatedly searching for updates. There are probably many other ways it can be utilised, even now I am thinking of an intelligence service for my clients, and I would be keen to learn more from Hoodin as partners.

Vince: I can certainly see how this will save me time in my projects from a purely regulatory intelligence point of view, and I am also trialing the platform for a very specific project, which will be of benefit to both me and my clients. This speaks to the versatility of Hoodin’s platform. And like Matt says, I hope to learn new ways to benefit from our partnership.

So far, what is your favorite feature of the platform?

Matt: I have two. The ability to add new, niche, sources and being able to share my findings with colleagues inside the platform.

Vince: The sharing function is a massive win for me too. But the time saving from the continuous automated monitoring, rather than constantly reviewing my results from various places, is a fantastic feature too.

A big thank you to Matt and Vince for giving us this feedback. We really look forward to working with you and ensuring that you get the maximum benefit from our platform and partnership!

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