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New Platform version - Features & functions

We are very happy and proud that we can offer our customers a new platform version with several improvements and features, created with a sensitivity towards the market challenges and user experiences. Replacing manual external monitoring and searches with an automated solution is the future, and we are eager to show you what the new version is all about.

For both existing and future users and partners, we wanted to gather all improvements and functions in the same place, to show you what the features look like and what they do - all with the goal to save you even more time when working with Hoodin.

Here’s what’s new:

The start page has a new look and the previous sidebar menu has been replaced. Overall the start page is now more in the center of the platform and you’ll be able to perform many actions directly from the start page. The start page gives you the opportunity to see:

  • All your use cases and monitoring feeds.

  • If your monitoring feeds have generated any new content since the last time you logged in.

  • Mark articles as favorites and add new monitoring feeds.


Hoodin will notify you by email when a monitoring feed has fetched its first article.

A smarter User Interface and a new intelligent way of managing the project

There will be many improvements to the user interface, user-friendliness and overall experience of the platform. As a user, you will have access to a completely new view and a wizard that guides you through the entire process of getting started and working with the project. Creating a monitoring project will be a lot smoother and straightforward. Hoodin has changed something complex into a swift process via its tailored tools. Efficiency from repeated searches and monitoring can be improved by up to 90%, leaving you with more time to focus on the outcomes of your findings.

How to set up a monitoring feed in three steps:

Tailored use cases for specific needs - From here, you may select the template that suits your needs. Each template is designed to contain the most important sources to monitor per need. You can create monitoring feeds from all of these use case templates. It’s all up to you and your needs.

Monitoring feeds = building blocks - To fulfill the needs addressed in a use case template, pick one of the recommended monitoring feeds. Monitoring feeds are the building blocks that create a thorough monitoring project. For each monitoring feed, you will find pre-selected sources that are recognized to suit that feed. This is a completely new feature that creates a smart and easy way of setting up the monitoring feeds to achieve the most important thing for you as a user - to retrieve the most relevant content.

What sources to monitor - There are pre-selected sources for every monitoring feed, so if you’re happy with them, just move forward to the next step. If you would like to include more sources it’s of course possible. For every industry solution, there are hundreds of sources to choose from. You can easily pick and choose sources from our library, filled with sources selected by industry experts.

The last step is to add matching words so that our robots know what to search for. Now the setup is done, and very soon, you’ll have great content and insights to utilise.


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