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New strategic partner agreement

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Hoodin AB announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Danish Amazing Hall ApS regarding the sale of Hoodin's solutions to Medtech and Pharma customers. Amazing Hall provides advice and projects to several of the leading and largest companies within Medtech and Pharma, and within the framework of the agreement, Amazing Hall will offer Hoodins Omni Observer service as part of its offer. The agreement is the third newly signed agreement in a short period of time and is part of Hoodin's commitment to establishing a partner network for the deployment of the company's solutions. The value of the agreement is of high strategic importance, since a strong and long-term relationship with a Danish market partner means access to a wide range of potential customers.

Marcus Emne, CEO and Founder of Hoodin, comments:

"We are pleased to announce today that Amazing Hall has entered into an agreement with Hoodin regarding the sale of Omni Observer to Medtech and Pharma. I am very impressed with Amazing Hall's business and the great customers they work with today. Together, we see very good opportunities for that Hoodin is growing on the Danish market. We already have a deal with a very nice partner, just a few weeks after we launched our partner program, exceeded all my expectations. We also see great interest in the dialogues we have with additional potential partners . For us, a partner is a company that can create value and strengthen its offer based on Hoodin deliveries. This is in line with our strategy and we have carefully watched how other players, such as and Hubspot succeeded in similar strategies. We have delivered a number of agreements in a short period of time - fine receipts and evidence that we provide services that allow doses unsettled needs of companies. "

Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen, CEO of Amazing Hall, comments:

"We are excited and excited to become partners with Hoodin. We see a great value in their platform and that the market certainly has the need. Denmark is Europe's leading nation in Medtech, with around 1,000 companies in the industry, and therefore we also see a good market potential for Hoodin's solution. "

About Amazing Hall

Amazing Hall was founded by Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen, who has over 20 years of experience in leading positions in the Medtech and Pharma industry. Amazing Hall provides advice and projects to several of the largest companies within Medtech and Pharma. The company is primarily active in the Danish market, but has a global network of customers. Read more on the company's website:

For more information about the company's current new issue and the planned listing, please contact:

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