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Biocodex is an independent multinational pharmaceutical company, founded in 1953, based in Paris, France. Biocodex operates in more than 120 countries. Company’s revenue was approximately 348 M€ in 2019.

Biocodex’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Service unit, PhaMe, provides for companies a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical and medical services like auditing, regulatory and pharmacovigilance services.

Main services by Biocodex

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PhaMe provides professional support for global pharmaceutical audits, such as GMP, GDP, vigilance, regulatory, mock and internal auditing. In addition, we offer well-organized and cost-effective remote auditing.

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Quality Management

PhaMe offers you a wide range of services to support your quality management system. Their experts are familiar with ISO 9001 and 13485 standards and industry-specific quality standards for wholesaling and manufacturing operations (GDP and GMP).

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PhaMe offers establishment and maintenance of pharmacovigilance systems. Case management, literature surveillance and review, Medical literature screening, medical writing, signal detection and regulatory intelligence. 

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Compliance with your marketing material or marketing activities

Review of marketing materials and events, local requirements and continuous training of marketing personnel within marketing compliance rules.


Biocodex-PhaMe + Hoodin 

Hoodin and Biocodex offers the Nordic and Baltic region (Finland – Sweden – Norway – Estonia – Latvia – Lithuania) the perfect mix of software and consultancy with expertise. Biocodex is a certified Hoodin partner and can help you with the setup and training of Hoodin - or, manage your Hoodin project for you.

Get in touch with Biocodex

If you are looking to power up and set up at more cost- and time effective process within Post Market Surveillance, Pharmacovigilance and- or Regulatory Intelligence, get in touch with PhaMe here.

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