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  • What are the benefits of using Hoodin?
    Hoodin is a SaaS for intelligence that comes with tailored templates for various industries. For example, you may use Hoodin for vigilance or regulatory intelligence within Medical Devices or Pharma. The benefits besides tailored templates is that Hoodin is designed to support the entire process of intelligence for decision making. Hence, by using Hoodin you will: 1) Save time since the Hoodin robots does all the monitoring of content for you. Our estimation is that you will save about 80 to 90 percent from manual search of information. 2) Have all content in one place, ready to be analysed, enhanced and shared with colleagues or other people you wish to involve. This way you make sure that important information reaches the right person in a professional way. 3) You will prevent to risk of "being late". Hence, you will be able to act proactive rather than reactive since you will receive the information when it is published compared to when you had the time to search for the information.
  • Can I try out Hoodin for free?
    Of course! Hoodin always offers a 14-day free trial period. To make sure that you get a good experience when trying out Hoodin for the first time, a trial always starts with an insight call. At the insight call you will meet with one of our experts, who will guide you and help you set up a perfect Hoodin project for you. To try out Hoodin and get a free 14-day trial, book an insight call here
  • How much does a monthly license cost?
    The current prices are to be found here
  • Why is Hoodin the better choice than alternatives?
    It all depends on your objective and need related to intelligence and insights. If you need is niched, such a regulatory intelligence, vigilance for adverse events or niched technology and science intelligence, then Hoodin is the better choice since Hoodin comes with industry tailored templates to secure highest possible relevance and prevent from "noice". Hoodin is also designed to enhance a process that starts with monitoring and fetching of relevant content and that has decision making and reporting in mind. So if your need is niched and you are keen to use intelligence to enhance decision making, Hoodin is the better alternative. Last but not least, if you compare the costs between other choices and Hoodin you will notice that value for money is in advantage for Hoodin.
  • Is Hoodin to be used for any need to gather intelligence and insights?
    No, Hoodin is different compared to more general solutions such as Meltwater, Cision etc. As a user, you would select an industry specific license such as Medtech, Pharma or Software. Within each industry license there are industry unique templates, that are designed to get the best intelligence results depending on your need.
  • What sources may I monitor via Hoodin?
    Hoodin is both wide and narrow in terms of what sources you may monitor. Narrow since each template has a selection of sources that is matched to a unique need, and wide in the sense that you as a user may add any source on top of the recommended sources per template. Generally, you could monitor sources that ranges from the very nisched and specific database to social media.
  • Can everyone in my team use Hoodin?
    Absolutely! It is very easy to invite colleagues so that they also can take part of your monitoring project. And best of all - this feature is free. There are three ways that you may share your insights with peers or third party. - Invite users as project members. That way, they will see all content that has been retrieved and they may add comments. - Share the insights via a channel Slack or MS Teams (or similar services). - Create a report. You may create recurring reports and let peers subscribe on these reports. They will then get the reports in shape of a pdf file, distributed as an email.
  • What kind of information and sources can I monitor with Hoodin? Literature databases, adverse event databases, forums or social media?
    All of the source types listed in the question are possible to monitor by use of Hoodin. Depending on the objective and need for a certain niche / function and industry some sources are more important to monitor than others. For example, regarding vigilance or post market surveillance within Medtech you need to monitor sources such as Maude, FDA Recalls, Bfarm etc, whilst you would need to monitor various countries legal health authorities for regulatory updates. With Hoodin you can monitor most kind of sources. For Medtech, there is already about 1 000 different sources available to monitor. And that is not all, a Hoodin user may alway add their own sources or request more advanced sources to be added!
  • How do I monitor sources that are not in English?
    Sources in any language can be monitored via Hoodin. Some of the current Use Case templates include non-english sources and the only thing to keep in mind is that you need to create a separate monitoring feed on sources per language since matching words must be in the same language as the source.
  • Can I use Hoodin for Regulatory Intelligence?
    Yes, Hoodin provides industry solutions for Medtech and Pharma and one of the Use Case templates is for Regulatory Intelligence. You may read more about that solution here.
  • Can I move content and data from my Hoodin project to store it in a third party solution?
    Hoodin is a versatile platform where all content from a project may be exported to any third party storing software.

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