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The story of meddevo began as early as 2016, when the idea was formed to develop a solution exclusively for medical devices. The requirements of the EU-MDR were only one benchmark. Over the years, meddevo developed into an all-rounder in the regulatory world. Not just a software solution, but a dynamic and flexible platform.

Main features in the meddevo SaaS

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Digital Technical Documentation

  • eTD – electronic Technical Documentation

    EU-MDR 2017/745 ready

  • MDSAP Markets

  • Inspector

  • Automated Document Writing

  • Document Monitoring

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Available upgrades

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Quality Management 

  • eQMS - Integrated System

  • SOP and Form Management

  • Change Management

  • CAPA Management

  • Complaint Management

  • Custom Processes

  • Riskmanagement

  • Clinical Evaluation Management

  • Post-Market-Surveillance

  • Enterprise Upgrade

  • Custom Apps & Databases

  • meddevo+ Experts


meddevo + Hoodin 
Combining Hoodin's offering, with the delivery of advanced and automated monitoring of external digital content, with a document management system that handles the internal information is a combination that both we and meddevo believe will be a very competitive offering. With the combination of Hoodin and meddevo, customers will be able to save additional time and simplify complex flows of important information.

We are very pleased that meddevo chooses to enter into a partnership with Hoodin and we see great opportunities in growing together with meddevo in the German market. Entering into a partnership with a company that knows software, that knows Medtech and that has a strong position in the market is exactly what we strive for and that is the core of our strategy.


Some useful links

meddevo website

meddevo blog

Get in touch with meddevo

"Feel free to get in contact with us through our contact form or Linkedin. We are looking forward to help you get started"

All the best, meddevo

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